WWE Issues Statement On CM Punk Fan Incident At RAW


WWE issued the following statement to TMZ.com, regarding the incident last night with a fan in attendance at RAW…

“WWE security was unfortunately not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk’s persona as a ‘bad guy’ fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him and one struck him in the kidney and on the back.

WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment.”

Local authorities took a statement from the fan that Punk hit, and while he had initially noted that he did not have any injuries, he later contacted them and said he was dealing with pain in one of his knees. Authorities are still investigating the incident.

The fan that was struck by CM Punk during Monday’s WWE RAW commented on the situation. Here is the brief video below…

UPDATE: Laura Cole of CBS-13 has posted the following on the story…

“Just talked to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department about the alleged incident involving a fan and @CMPUNK. ”

“The Department says they took a report about the alleged incident involving @CMPunk. They say the fan complained of knee pain. The Department says they will look at the alleged incident to determine whether to forward the findings to the District Attorney’s Office.”

“I only had a few minutes with the fan involved with the alleged incident before Deputies needed to speak with him for a second time.”

“As of last night, that fan DID NOT say whether he would consider filing charges. I didn’t get the chance to ask him that question.”

UPDATE: Laura Cole of CBS-13 has noted the following about the incident…

I wonder if @CMPunk actually hit the wrong fan. Oh no! This could get ugly in the world of popular opinion.

Just talked to the fan that says he was hit by @cmpunk. He says he never hit Punk. pic.twitter.com/ThvmbMsM

This fan says his face is a little warm after he says @cmpunk hit him. He also says Punk broke his glasses. pic.twitter.com/0SgQ5HtV

The fan is still filling out a report with law enforcement

I just found the guy and proceeded to ask him some questions. That’s all

UPDATE Here are some fan videos of the Punk incident…

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