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WWE Issues Statement on Jordan Devlin Accusations


UPDATE: WWE issued the following statement on the allegations against Jordan Devlin and several other WWE NXT: UK wrestlers:

“We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter.”

ORIGINAL: There are multiple reports stating that WWE executives are getting together to discuss the influx of abuse allegations levied against NXT:UK talent. Jordan Devlin, Travis Banks, Joe Coffey, and El Ligero have been accused of sexual, physical or mental/verbal abuse.

The accusations made against Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks are part of the #SpeakingOut movement taking place in the UK wrestling scene. Hannah Francesca posted a series of tweets in which she alleged she was physically abused by someone in the industry.

The following was quoted from Hannah Francesca’s Twitter page, as part of a series of tweets:

“This is scary. I’m really scared. Jordan Devlin did this to me. And this is just the physical damage. Not including my arse and back bruises…because I don’t fancy posting that online”

“I hate re sharing these photos but, your boys club did this. Our industry allowed this to happen. I was let down by a promotion. But please see this, please believe this. Please put measures in place for this not to happen again, and listen to women when they come to you for help.”

“And I’m so proud of these girls for speaking out. But you need to keep listening and changing. I was abused by someone else in the industry. I spoke to the promotion involved and was told “One of my boys wouldn’t do that” Our scene still has a “Boys Club” mentality.”

Also, Millie McKenzie of SPLX Apparel accused Banks of being emotionally manipulative of her during a “secret one year relationship” when she was training under him, emotionally and mentally abusing her.

The accusations continue to get worse from here. Natalie Sykes claimed that she was abused by El Ligero, who had trained Sykes. Natalie claims that Ligero made sexual remarks about her that made Sykes feel uncomfortable.

Mikey Whiplash (not to be confused with ECW Alumni Mikey Whipwreck) was accused of unwanted sexual advances and unsolicited messages to his trainees and coworkers.

“Fierce Females” Co-Owner Naveda Rose also posted a response against Whiplash below:

The allegations aren’t just being made by women. Both MJ Maxx and Jake Long have accused longtime referee James Finn of sexually harassing them.

Pro Wrestler Gracie Lou Freebush says that referee Marc “Paz” Perry has sent unwanted explicit pictures to herself and at least two other woman, and a lengthy thread by former ring announcer Lisa Gifford detailing various experiences of sexual harassment from talent and fans within the UK scene.

Sierra Loxton has also alleged that Joe Coffey has sexually harassed her as well as three other women by sending unsolicited nude photos and voice notes, as well as stalking them.

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