WWE Issues WrestleMania 30 & Summerslam Survey


– WWE issued a survey today asking some of the nearly 400,000 customers who purchased WrestleMania XXX on traditional pay-per-view ($65 bucks)
why they paid more for the event instead of subscribing to the WWE
Network for 9.99 a month. Here are the option you could have selected:

* Don’t have fast enough broadband


* Don’t know how to set up WWE Network on my TV

* Have a data limit and want to avoid overage charges

* It would be too complicated

– Speaking of WWE surveys, they also issued a survey asking fans who they want to see at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. 

* AJ Lee

* John Cena

* Brock Lesnar

* Cesaro

* Roman Reigns

* Batista

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