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NewsWWE Legend Reveals What Bret Hart Was Like To Work With

WWE Legend Reveals What Bret Hart Was Like To Work With



WWE Legend The Mountie Jacques Rougeau recently sat down for a chat with It’s My Wrestling Podcast. During the interview Rougeau detailed what it was really like working with another WWE Legend – Bret Hart. Rougeau won the Intercontinental Title from Hart but kept it for just 2 days and he revealed why that was the case:

Bret Hart I must tell you, I love the guy. I had a run with him, it wasn’t for the Intercontinental but my last month run there as the Mountie before they cancelled my career as The Mountie. Bret is the greatest, nicest guy to be around but he’s a hard businessman. He does not like to do favours to just anybody, he had a different philosophy of becoming a superstar which he managed to do very well. He had a different philosophy where if you lose it’s not good for your character but we’re all working together. So, it was hard to do business. I know for a fact that when Bret Hart had to drop the title to Roddy Piper at the Pay Per View, he didn’t want to do it. So, what Vince did was he took me as the guinea pig to put in between just to do this switch to get it from me to him.

Rougeau revealed how Bret didn’t exactly help to put him over, even more before the match:

Bret Hart when he lost to me for those two days I had it, he came in with 104 fever. He’s in the ring that night when he defended the title and he had the announcer announce that I’m sick, I’m dying, but I’m gonna wrestle anyway. So I beat that guy, I didn’t beat anybody, I just beat a guy that was sick and dead. So Bret was hard like that in life, you know? And, and that’s where they had the screw job with Bret also with Shawn Michaels in Montreal. Bret Hart didn’t want to give the title back to Vince when he was going for another company. So he was a hard guy to deal with.

The Full interview can be found here.

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