WWE Legend Says He Refused To Lose Against Sting


A WWE legend said he wanted to kick-start a potential storyline with Sting.

On October 19, 1992, Greg Valentine was booked to lose a match against Sting at WCW Saturday Night. However, the WWE legend refused to lose to ‘The Icon’ and resigned from WCW shortly after.


Although Valentine has often called Sting a “nice guy,” he admitted to never liking his in-ring ability. The WWE Hall of Famer wanted to attack Sting after the match to set up a storyline between the two, but WCW Executive Vice President Bill Watts simply wanted Valentine to have a one-and-done match with ‘The Icon.’

In a “Title Match Wrestling” video, Valentine recalled having disagreements with Watts over having to lose to Sting. Despite Watts having more control than him, Valentine remained defiant in the face of authority.

“That didn’t work out all that well because Bill Watts was the booker and I didn’t get along with him at all,” Valentine said. “I ended up quitting… They wanted me to do a job for [lose against] Sting and I just said, ‘I ain’t doing it.’” [1:03-1:17]

After parting ways with WCW, Valentine would appear at the 1993 WWF Survivor Series pay-per-view event. He wrestled under a mask as The Blue Knight and was involved in an elimination match against the Hart Family. Valentine was inducted into the 2004 WWE Hall of Fame by his former manager Jimmy Hart. He made a brief appearance at the retirement ceremony of his long-time friend, Ric Flair, on the RAW after WrestleMania 24.

Sting, meanwhile, has continued wrestling in many promotions. He wrestled only a handful of matches in WWE before experiencing a severe neck injury during a match against Seth Rollins in 2015. ‘The Icon’ was inducted into the Hall of Fame afterward and announced a brief retirement before reemerging in AEW in 2020. Since his AEW debut, Sting has been mentoring Darby Allin and has wrestled many matches in the promotion.

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