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NewsWWE Legend Shoots On Kevin Owens' Attitude During Training

WWE Legend Shoots On Kevin Owens’ Attitude During Training



Former WWF Intercontinental Champion “The Mountie” Jacques Rougeau recently sat down for an interview with “It’s My Wrestling Podcast”. During the interview, Rougeau talked about his dealings with WWE superstar Kevin Owens. Rougeau trained Kevin Owens during his teenage years, before he moved onto the independent scene.

Rougeau had the following to say:

When he came to my school, you know, he was around 14 years old when he got there. He wanted to start hitting the ropes straight away and I said whoa, whoa, whoa. In life they say before you run you’ve got to walk. Not in my school. I was born crawling, in my school you’re gonna learn to protect your opponents first. He was my student for five years. So I’m the one who taught him how to wrestle. I knew when I was teaching him in my school, he was always ahead of the other kids. And he always wanted to go fast.

Rougeau went on to describe Kevin Owens’ attitude and their relationship:

I was saying hey, we’re a group, you’re not alone here the other guys paid too. So just take your time. Then after five years, he couldn’t take it anymore. He just took off and did independent things. He was arrogant. I was when I was young. I saw him in me. It didn’t bother me that because he was a likeable guy. You know, when you put him back in his place, he’d come and give you a hug. I wanted him to understand that he went out of bounds a little bit, then I bring him back in line and then we had a great relationship until the day he left. I always liked Kevin Owens – he knew how to be liked by people.

The full interview can be found here.

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