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WWE Legend “The Mountie” Recalls Setting Koko B Ware On Fire Mid Match



Former WWF Intercontinental Champion “The Mountie” Jacques Rougeau recently sat down for an interview with “It’s My Wrestling Podcast”. During the candid interview, Rougeau detailed a crazy story about how he accidentally set fire to Koko B Ware during a match:

My first match with Koko B Ware. I took my big shock stick in the dressing room, and it was a real one, people thought it was a work but it was a real one. My friend was a genius mechanic. He took a lawn mower and he took the coil, reverses the wire in there which makes a big flame at the end. When I got in the ring, my stick had two buttons on it. It had the on and off, and underneath you have the emergency button. I wanted to make sure that when I put that emergency on I didn’t zap someone with it. I was afraid of my own stick!

How the accident actually happened:

So anyway, when I got in the ring with Koko, there we are 20 minutes in the match. He’s soaking wet. He’s doing the job for me, he’s doing me a favour. So, he’s lying down in the middle and then I come with my stick and don’t ask me what happened. I must have flipped that pinky off or something. I started zapping him and he’s soaking wet now. He’s starting to shake in the ring and my god, he’s doing a good job and I’m saying to myself wow Koko, that’s a great thing to do for me! The next thing you know – you know when you burn your skin it smells like pig? So, I started to smell that. So, I’m saying to myself wow, Vince is good man! He even has the smell effect! This is really good!
So, when I get backstage, I’m waiting for Koko to thank him so much because he made me look so good. Then he comes out – “I’m gonna kill you!” I didn’t know why! I’m going holy shit, he really wanted to kick my ass!

The full interview can be found here.

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