WWE Likely Made Murphy Delete Instagram Post Over The Mysterio Family Storyline


According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE likely made Buddy Murphy delete an Instagram post where he tried to explain his side of the storyline angle with the Mysterio family. As many of you know, Murphy was involved in an on-screen relationship with Aalyah Mysterio, but the angle was later dropped without explanation. In his original Instagram post, Murphy said,

“Let’s point out the obvious! The Mysterios used me! I never needed them! I’m beyond one of the most talent(ed) in-ring performers on the planet! Aalyah used me to be on tv and advance an acting career. Dominik used me so he had a reason to stand ringside. Rey was jealous that I became the new face of the cruiserweight(s) and he was left out of the discussion. They took what they wanted then they left me in the shadows! Sounds like my time in NXT.”

The post was an unauthorized angle and WWE doesn’t like when Superstars go out and do that on their own so that’s the likely reason why the post was later deleted. It should be noted that he did recently issue a challenge to Aleister Black for a match WrestleMania 37 and that post is still up.

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