WWE Lists Top 50 WCW Stars – Details + More News


— Christian spoke with WWE.com about his Intercontinental Title win over Cody Rhodes Sunday night at Over the Limit. Christian said he decided to go for the Intercontinental Title because it used to be that the man who held the IC Title ended up as #1 contender for a WWE Title or World Title shot.

— WWE has several backstage videos from Over The Limit posted up, including Big Show refusing to comment on why he knocked out John Cena and John Laurinaitis receiving a standing ovation when he returned backstage. You can see them on WWE.com.

— WWE.com has an article with the top 50 WCW stars of all time. Their top 10 names are below.

1: Sting

2: Ric Flair

3: Hulk Hogan

4: Goldberg

5: Kevin Nash

6: Diamond Dallas Page

7: Lex Luger

8: Booker T

9: Randy Savage

10: Scott Steiner

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