WWE Locker Room Supportive Of Ryback’s Push


During an interview with the PWTorch Livecast, Booker T revealed that Ryback has the full support of the WWE locker room.

He said: “Definitely, I think the locker room is rooting for him. He knows what the respect issue is in the business. He knows what that really, really means, and how far he’s going to go or not go (based on respect). He’s a humble kid. I do think the locker room is pulling for him to do well.”

Even though Ryback hasn’t had a main event level match yet, Booker thinks he will be able to hold his own against CM Punk. He added: “The tale is going to be told after he goes out there in the big main event slot. If he can pull that match up and pull that match together. If he can do that, his stock is going to go way up. If he goes out there and flops, it’s going to go way down. So, I look forward to Ryback going out there and being able to pull the job off. I really think he can get it done.”

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