WWE Looks At Performance Center Coaches


WWE.com recently did an article taking an in-depth look at their Performance Center coaches. You can check out what some of the PC coaches had to say here:

Matt Bloom: “Watching talent reach milestones throughout their careers, from walking into the WWE PC and having their first match at a PC Live Event, to progressing through NXT Live Events, NXT TV and, eventually, Raw or SmackDown LIVE.”

Sara Amato: “I am proud of what Alexa Bliss and Carmella have done since leaving NXT. For those two ladies to have worked from the ground up to the top of their respective divisions is awesome.”

Shawn Michaels: “Balancing the desire to be the very best and expecting the best out of your performance, while not causing yourself too much stress and anxiety, which can result in the worst possible outcome for one’s career — not enjoying this unbelievably awesome job!”

Read WWE’s full article on the WWE Performance Center here.

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