WWE Magazine Spoils Storyline Plans For The Shield?


The upcoming WWE Magazine has a fan Q&A that includes a question for Dean Ambrose. One of the questions asks if there was a superstar that could make him laugh. His response was, “My former partners, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I was probably the class clown of the group, so I’d usually start the joking and ribbing. But those two are hilarious. Daniel Bryan is funny too, but more because he’s funny looking.”

The Q&A only features a photo of Rollins and Reigns without Ambrose. Keep in mind that The Shield was already supposed to be broken up and those plans were put on hold because they were getting over as a babyface team so it could just be that the magazine went to press before they were told about the change in creative plans for them.

Author link: PHOTO: WWE Magazine SPOILS plans for The Shield?

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