WWE Main Event (1/29) Results: R-Truth Vs. Del Rio


    [Show: WWE Main Event] [Location: Toledo, Ohio] [Date: 1/29/14]


    Welcome to WWE Main Event and we have new music to the into video. Not a fan, anyways are opening contest is…

    Alberto Del Rio Vs. R-Truth

    R-Truth with some dancing, but caught off by Del Rio. He lands several right hands, then a shoulder block. Truth fights back with an arm drag and they trade right hands. Del Rio shoots off the ropes, but sent to the floor hard by Truth. R-Truth does some dancing in the ring then takes him out with an outside dive. Back in the ring, Del Rio catches him with a drop kick to the head and puts the boots to him while he is down. Del Rio uses the ropes, but the referee backs him off. He runs into the corner where he misses a splash and R-Truth with several right hands in the corner. Truth with a big clothesline for a count of 2. Truth throws him in the corner and hits him with several right hands. Truth is thrown into the opposite corner off the reverse by Del Rio and he lands a kick to the side of the leg. ADR with a boot to the face in the corner and then goes to the top rope where he hits a right hand for a count of 2. Del Rio locks in a headlock, but Truth fights out. Truth with a sunset flip, but only gets a 2 count. ADR pops up and nails him with a clothesline for 2. Del Rio shoots off the ropes, but misses the drop kick and this leads us to break.

    -Commercial Break-

    Were back from break with Del Rio in control and catches him with a suplex, kick to the back of the combination. Del Rio locks in a headlock, but Truth fights out with right hands. Del Rio throws him into the corner and ADR runs into a big boot by Truth for a count of 2. Truth walks right into an arm breaker. Del Rio calls for the arm bar, but instead puts the boots to him in the corner. The fans start getting behind Truth as Del Rio puts him in the corner upside down. ADR with right hands to the chest, he mocks the fans and when he goes for the baseball slide eats the ring post. Truth on the top rope hits a missile drop kick. Both men down, the referee starts the count and both men barley make it to their feet. Truth with a series of clotheslines followed by a heel kick and then a front face suplex for a close pin attempt. Truth in shock, he picks him up, but ADR reverses and hits a back breaker for 2. ADR goes for the super kick, but blocked and Truth hits the DDT for a near fall. Back and forth until Del Rio puts him in the corner and hits the double stomp off the top rope for the win.

    Winner: Del Rio

    Bella Twins and Tamina with Aksana along with Alicia Fox do a backstage segment about how the non-total divas disrespect the total divas.

    -Commercial Break-

    AJ Lee is on commentary for the following match.

    Natalya vs. Tamina

    Tamina gets the majority of the offense throughout the match. She picks apart Natalya’s left leg. She hits a Samoan drop for a count of 2. Natalya goes for a side kick, but can’t because of her leg. Natalya rolls her up out of nowhere and this one is over.

    Winner: Natalya

    After the match, AJ and Tamina beat Natalya down until Cameron and Naomi made the save. Naomi hits the rear view on Tamina and Naomi stares down AJ Lee. She is the obvious number one contender.

    Triple H and Michael Cole’s weekly sit-down interview is shown from WWE.com

    -Commercial Break-

    Raw rebound is shown.

    Big E. Langston and The Uso’s Vs. 3MB

    Heath Slater with a big 3MB scream and they go at it. Heath with a shoulder block then does a bit of a dance. He goes to shoot into the ropes but tripped. Uso with a flying shoulder block for a count of 2. Uso tags in his bro where they nail a double elbow drop for a count of 2. Heath reverses and throws Uso into the band’s corner. Uso fights out of it and rolls him up for 2. Uso with a big right hand that knocks the big man down. Uso with a clothesline as he keeps the fans involved with the Uso chant. Langston tagged in and he nails a three back breakers for a count of 2. Langston with a shoulder block and tags in Jey Uso who nails a clothesline. Jey tags in the big man as Drew is tagged in as well. Langston with an arm drag followed by a back body drop. He misses the splash in the corner and Drew goes to work on his midsection. Langston over powers him and lands a series of shoulder blocks to the ribs. Drew battles back and shoots off the ropes, but runs into the big man. He sends all three members of the band to the floor. Uso’s and Big E. fly to the outside onto the band leading to break.

    -Commercial Break-

    Were back from break and they are still in control. Uso is throw into the corner and Drew nails a kick to the ribs for a count of 2. Heath is tagged in and puts the boots to him while he is down. 3MB keep control until Jimmy gets the tag and clears house. Uso has to fight off the rest of 3MB. Heath attacks him from behind and now the apparently legal man. Heath with clubbing right hands to the chest of Jimmy. Slater with a headlock, but Jimmy fights out. He goes for a tag, but Heath with a neck breaker and tags in Drew. They hit a double team suplex for a count of 2. Jimmy hits a spinning back kick that gives Jimmy a shot to get a tag, but Jinder cuts him off. Tom Philips notes that this is the new 3MB, yeah right. Jimmy tags in Langston who clears house. Langston with a belly to belly on Heath followed by the splash. Uso’s hit a double super kick on Drew and Jinder. Langston hits the big ending while Uso’s hit a splash dive onto 3MB at the same time for the win.

    Winners: Big E. Langston and The Uso’s

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