WWE Makes Good On Their WrestleMania 29 Offer


MasterKennedy from the WZR chatroom sent this one in:

Hi Ryan,

I sat floor level at Wrestlemania 29 in the corner by the entrance ramp. When I and 3 friends found our seats we were heartbroken to find out that although we sat a few rows back from the main entrance stage, the corner of the ringstage itself was directly blocking our view of the center ring. Thanks to your article regarding WWE offering free tickets due an obstructed view, I was offered 4 tickets to 3 events of my choice (ppv, live events, raw or smackdown) or 4 tickets to wrestlemania 30, this was of course after writing a lengthy email to wwe fan services. I must say I was pleased with WWE’s customer service, they contacted me by phone 2 days after I had written the email, all they had requested was to email them a copy of the original ticketmaster receipt. After that, WWE informed me to email them with any ticket requests, my 1st of 3 requests was tickets to the 2013 Money in the bank in Philadelphia on July 14. Today I received by FedEx express mail 4 lower level tickets.

I would like to thank the WZR staff for posting this article, without it, we’d still be pissing and moaning about our $1750 for 4 seats experience.

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