WWE May Have Already Changed U.S. Champion Theory’s Name Again


New WWE United States Champion Theory may have undergone another name change according to a post-match interview.

Theory captured the title from Finn Balor on this week’s RAW, a week after announcing that he had dropped the Austin part of his name.


In a post-title win interview with Kevin Patrick, Theory repeatedly called himself ‘All Day Theory,’ saying:

“Look at me, I’m the United States Champion. I can say it a million times: All Day Theory is the brand new United States Champion.

“I did everything that he [Mr. McMahon] told me to do, every lesson, I studied, I worked hard, and look what happened. Look what happened. Do you know the legacy of this title? Do you know who is gonna make the legacy of this even better? All Day Theory.”

WWE reportedly changed his name as part of a new policy in which Superstars will no longer be able to use any part of their real names.

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