WWE Might Be Making Changes To Network


Recently, WWE sent out a survey in regards to the WWE Network revealing it might change the Network to a four-tiered system. The systems are:

* Free Access: This would include just short network clips with a five hour limit on viewership. It would not feature any live pay-per-view events – no NXT, no CWC either, and lots of commercials.

* 4.99 Charge: Only would be available to Phones and Tablets. It would only feature Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble. You would be able to watch NXT, though not live. No CWC either.

* 9.99 Charge: It would include the offerings that are out there now. It would include a weekly CWC show and live NXT shows.

* 14.99: This would include everything mentioned above as well as non-WWE promotions. The company is talking about featuring TNA and Ring of Honor programming, though no deal is in place yet. They are talking about having house shows air live too. Plus, fans could vote for the WWE Hall of Fame and buy tickets before they are available. Invitations to exclusive VIPs might be included as well.

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