WWE Monday Night RAW Results – December 16, 2019


    Here are the results for the December 16th, 2019 edition of Monday Night RAW.

    We open with Seth Rollins and he brings out AOP. He reflects on his past at NXT and his debut on RAW about he was called the future. He also glossed over his triumph over Brock Lesnar.


    Then, his leadership came into question as if he did something wrong. He says being a leader isn’t about making the popular decisions, but making decisions for the sake of progress, and Owens didn’t understand.

    Rollins says what happened to KO was brought on himself and he was made into an example as a result. He also says what won’t change is that he’ll always tell the truth and the truth is that he’s a leader and a visionary.

    Seth is the man to lead WWE into the next decade and beyond, and everyone will be coming with him and his will shall be imposed. If there is resistance, AOP will enforce his will.

    Seth then says there’s a score he has to settle and it will be settled by the end of the night. He simply says he’s sorry in advance before leaving.

    The Viking Raiders vs. The OC

    Ivar misses a top rope moonsault, and The OC are able to isolate him, hitting the Magic Killer for the win.

    Winners: The OC

    The OC are backstage celebrating the victory, and Styles says he will join them in the winner’s circle when he ends Randy Orton’s career tonight.

    Erick Rowan vs. Dante Leon

    Leon attempts to get to the cage, but Rowan chases him down and rag dolls him. Another easy squash for Rowan.

    Winner: Erick Rowan

    Andrade is asked about Carrillo and the gauntlet match he’s in. He says something in Spanish and leaves. Zelina says him losing twice to him is the best thing to happen to him, because he’ll now be taken seriously.

    We get a Liv Morgan vignette.

    Out comes Lashley and Lana. She plugs her Instagram and recaps TLC. Lana tells Bobby he’s wonderful. She wants to know how much he loves her, and asks Bobby to ask her to marry her.

    Bobby says he doesn’t like having people tell him what to do, except her. Lashley bends down and calls her the greatest female wrestler ever. He declares they will be the best power couple ever and accepts the marriage proposal. They kiss after.

    R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Matt Hardy vs. Riccohet vs. Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo – United States Championship #1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match

    Tozawa eliminated R-Truth and Ricochet eliminated Tozawa and Matt Hardy. Ricochet and Carrillo then had a long, competitive match that ended with Carrillo hitting the moonsault for the win.

    Andrade then sneaks up from behind and assaults Carrillo. He attacks him on the outside and hits the Hammerlock DDT onto Carrillo on the exposed surface outside.

    Rey Mysterio would come to his aide before Zelina and Andrade run off.

    Carrillo gets carted away and Mysterio follows, but Mysterio is cut off by Rollins and AOP. Seth is holding the pipe Mysterio gave to Owens last week.

    AOP jump Mysterio in the ring, and Seth told him it didn’t have to be this way, but an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Rollins says that’s not him, and that he’s a merciful leader and he’ll let him go, but Seth owes him one. Rollins then Curb Stomps him before leaving.

    Seth is interviewed backstage on why he attacked Rey Mysterio. Rollins says it’s because he’s a leader and leads by example. However, he says a better question would be why he didn’t leave Mysterio in a hospital bed. It’s because he can’t answer his challenge that way.

    Rollins officially challenges Rey for his United States Championship next week.

    A pre-recorded promo by Orton airs. He commends AJ for competing across the world, winning titles and defeating him at WrestleMania, proving SmackDown was the house he built. However, RAW is different and Orton will remind him what he’s capable of with the RKO.

    Asuka vs. Deonna Purrazzo

    Asuka gets the victory with the Asuka lock.

    Winner: Asuka

    Becky is asked about how she is handling the loss from last night, and she says she’s been off the past few months. Being relegated to the tag team division was a decision she thought was made from the powers that be to hold her down.

    She also thinks it’s because she thinks management needs to protect her from Asuka. Becky says Asuka proved last night, at TLC last year and the Rumble this year that she is the best right now. She’s been the only person she couldn’t overcome.

    Usually, she says that her opponents need her to make them relevant, but she says in this case, she needs her to prove something to herself.

    Mysterio backstage says there’s a lot of bad guys coming after his title. He warns Andrade and then says Rollins showed why he’s not respected. Rey accepts Rollins’ challenge.

    AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

    AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but fakes it at first. Orton falls, but then catches AJ in mid-air for the RKO and the victory.

    Winner: Randy Orton

    After the match, Gallows and Anderson jumps Randy and The Viking Raiders come to save him. However, the numbers game are in The OC’s favor and they take out Erik with the Magic Killer. The OC stand tall as RAW goes off the air.



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