WWE Monday Night RAW Results for September 28, 2020


We open the show with Ric Flair, The Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels.

Michaels welcomes us to RAW and brings out Drew McIntyre. Drew says it’s pretty cool being in the ring with these legends. He talks growing up with The Big Show and Christian and how they helped him perform in the ring, and got them through tough times. He calls Shawn Michaels a mentor and he remembers Flair being on the active roster the year Drew came to America.

He recaps last night and Shawn says he wanted to thank Drew for last night. He also wanted to help even the odds against him against Orton. He then says if he’s upset that they interfered, it was Flair’s idea. Drew says he’s not mad because he already proved he could beat Orton and he hopes that people start beating him up on the street.

Orton appears on the titantron, and he says he hopes Drew is enjoying his title reign because it won’t last. He says that he doesn’t know what hell is like and this won’t be over until he’s WWE Champion.

Drew wonders if Orton is begging for another title match and Orton says he doesn’t have to beg for anything because he’s a 13 time champion and will get what he wants when he wants it. And he reminds everyone that there is a price to be paid when you cross the Legend Killer. He then takes his luggage and leaves.

Drew says that’s a shame, but says he’s trying to cement his legacy and is thinking about the kind of champion he wants to be. He decides he wants to put his title on the line against anyone who hasn’t faced him for the title yet. Who will step up and make a name for themselves? He’ll be waiting.

Asuka and Zelina Vega are seen arguing backstage and their rematch is next.

Asuka (C) vs. Zelina Vega – RAW Women’s Championship


Zelina goes for a moonsault, but Asuka gets the knees up and Asuka taps her out with the Asuka lock.

Winner: Asuka

Christian, Shawn Michaels, Big Show and Flair are playing cards backstage.

Andrade comes out and addresses Garza’s injury and says he tried to hold the team together and show why he’s the best in WWE. And he now issues a challenge to anyone who wants to face him. Out comes Keith Lee.

Andrade vs. Keith Lee

Lee wins with the Spirit Bomb.

Winner: Keith Lee

Theres a pre-recorded segment with MVP and Shelton Benjamin having lunch. A stranger sits next to them and they appear confused. Lashley tells the stranger he’s sitting in his seat. He schooches over and Lashley says he’s still sitting in his seat. He leaves with Lashley’s plate of food and he tells him to bring it back. He does and leaves. The Hurt Business shares a laugh as MVP gives Lashley some of his food.

Pre-recorded segment of R-Truth hanging out with his 24/7 Championship all day. He’s then presented with a package of Tozawa’s black belt. He’s confused and Tozawa wins the title from behind. Then the package deliverer knocks out Tozawa and he wins the title. The deliverer is Drew Gulak. But Truth pins Gulak and wins the title back. Gulak and Tozawa chase Truth down. Truth defends the title in a triple threat tonight.

We get a recap of Rollins’ DNA reveal segment last week. Rollins and Murphy are backstage and the Mysterio family is going to be on the King’s Court tonight. Seth calls it a special occasion and he got Murphy a suit just for him. He suggests he leaves and try it out. Murphy forgets his cell phone and Rollins takes it.

Back on the King’s Court, Jerry brings out the Mysterio family. He brings up Aliyah’s comments and Murphy consoling her afterwards. Aliyah is asked how she’s holding up. She said she’s doing a bit better and he didn’t go looking for Murphy and doesn’t know what she thinks of him. But whoever surrounds themselves around Seth needs to evaluate their life choices. He calls Seth a fraud.

Rollins appears on the big screen now. Rollins understands if he’s the last person they want to see after last week, but he has something important to tell them. It will hurt him more than them, but it’s the truth. Rollins says one of them isn’t being 100% honest with the family. He says the truth is that Aalyah might not be telling the truth in regards to how she feels about Murphy. Rollins knows they don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth, but they don’t have to – they can see it for themselves. He shows a text conversation between Murphy and Aalyah, which he found on Murphy’s phone.

Rollins says it seems like Aalyah is a little more friendlier than she’s letting on. Rollins promises Rey this was for the greater good. Aalyah storms out of the ring and to the back. Rey follows, opening the rope for his wife. Aalyah heads to the back with her parents right behind her. Rollins is on the big screen as Murphy approaches. Murphy is upset at what Rollins did with his phone. Rollins asks Murphy if he thinks he can hide things. Murphy say she hasn’t hid anything. Rollins says the truth is important in their relationship. Murphy grabs Rollins. Dominik suddenly attacks Murphy and drops him backstage. Dominik unloads on Murphy and they brawl as officials try to break it up.

It was announced Shayna Baszler wasn’t medically cleared to compete last night, but when she is, she and Jax will have to defend against the Riott Squad.

Out come Lana and Natalya. They say they will stay out here as long as they need to until Baszler and Jax are stripped of the tag titles and they want them. Lana says they are influencers and celebrities and they deserve them. Adam Pearce comes out and say they can’t simply strip them of the titles, but they can earn there way to the titles and they can start by facing the newest members of the RAW women’s division, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose.

Lana and Natalya vs. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Rose pins Lana with a running knee.

Winners: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Backstage, Aliester Black is pissed at Kevin Owens. He says he’s been known to be one to turn on his friends. He says he’s known wicked people in his life, such as his father, but Black will never forgive Owens as he takes off the rag over his eye and descends to the dark.

Kevin Owens vs. Aliester Black

Black strikes the official and the ref DQ’s him. Owens hits a stunner afterwards.

Winner by DQ: Kevin Owens

The Hurt Business confront Ali backstage and shove him. Ricochet and Apollo comes to his defense. Ricochet tells the Hurt Business this isn’t over and they’ll see them real soon, MVP says they can see them tonight.

R-Truth (C) vs. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa – 24/7 Championship

Truth pins Gulak with an Attitude Adjustment.

Winner: R-Truth

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are interviewed backstage and they’re asked how the tag team came to be. Mandy says Dana has always been there for her, and Dana tells her she’s seen Mandy’s come down and fight to get back up. They will be paying close attention to the tag title scene, and whoever emerges victorious, they’re coming. The camera pans to Dominik preparing for his match.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Murphy 

Aliyah comes out to distract Dominik as he grabs a kendo stick. She prevents him from attacking and Murphy pins him from behind for the win.

Winner: Murphy 

After the match, Dominik attacks Murphy with a kendo stick and sends him retreating. Aliyah tells him to stop and that he’s not like Seth. Dominik asks Aliyah to remember what they’ve done to their family and says Rey was right about her and that she’s naive. Aliyah slaps Dominik before leaving.

Back from the break and Dolph Ziggler is with WWE Producer Adam Pearce in the back. Ziggler says he has the perfect guy to answer Drew McIntyre’s Open Challenge tonight. Pearce reminds Ziggler that he is not eligible for the match. Ziggler realizes that but insists he has the perfect challenger for Drew. Ziggler walks off with Pearce to discuss.

MVP cuts a promo dissing Crews, Ali and Ricochet before getting cut off by RETRIBUTION.

The Hurt Business vs. Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali and Ricochet 

Ali pins MVP with the 450 splash.

Winners: Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali and Ricochet

RETRIBUTION video package.

Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Robert Roode – WWE Championship

Drew wins with a Claymore.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, we see a janitor with a face mask on approaching the legends lounge. It’s Randy Orton in disguise. He enters the room, turns off the lights and puts on night vision goggles. He takes a chair and attacks everyone in the dark. The lights turn back on and Flair, Big Show, Christian and HBK are laid out. Orton puts the disguise back on and points officials to the lounge where they get help. Orton carries the cleaning cart with a hood on and walks away as RAW goes off the air.

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