WWE Monday Raw Recap With Video 11/18


Event: WWE Monday Night Raw

Location: Nashville, TN

Reported by: Jared Monk (jaeknox)

Randy Orton vs Brad Maddox – No DQ

This was a surprising match as if they’re trying to transition Maddox into a babyface wrestler. It was pretty reminiscent of when they had Ricardo Rodriguez vs Alberto Del Rio quite a few months back. Maddox was able to tag Orton in the head with a mic and showed some offense but eventually Orton took control and used that same microphone to demolish Maddox. The Refs ended up stopping this one.

Winner: Randy Orton via Stoppage

Big E. Langston vs Curtis Axel(C) – Intercontinental Championship Match

This starts off a very back and forth match. Towards the end Big E went for the huge clothesline and nails it. He drops his straps and the crowd gets hyped, picks up Axel and hits him with the “Big Ending” and is able to get the pinfall thus winning his first ever WWE Championship in the form of the Intercontinental Title.


Ryback vs The Big Show

This was a pretty fun match to watch. Not sure if its just me but Ryback and Big Show look just alike with the bald heads and the similar attires. Only difference is Big Show is a 400 pound giant. This was pretty back and forth. Ryback hit his finisher on the Big Show but he kicked out on 2. He goes for the finisher again but this time Big Show pushes him into the ropes and Ryback runs directly into the Knockout Punch. Big Show gets the cover and pinfall.

After the match Orton attempted to make a run in on the Big Show but Show quickly counted into a huge spear. Orton is pissed and flurries backstage holding his ribs.

Winner: The Big Show via pinfall

Kofi Kingston & The Miz vs The Real Americans

The heel turn for this one was pretty obvious as in the beginning of the match Cole was plugging the fact that Kofi & The Miz said they’d rather be competing in a one on one match so you figured one of them would turn heel. Of course many of us knew it’d be the Miz because we known he turned heel recently at a non televised live event. As the match is continuing, Kofi is going for the hot tag to get Miz in the match. Miz moves his hand away and drops from the apron allowing Swagger to lock in the Patriot Lock on Kofi for the quit tap out thus solidifying the Miz’s heel turn.

Winners: The Real Americans via submission

Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler – Broadway Brawl

The ring is filled with all kinds of instruments which include a drum set, guitars and others. I’d like to point out this was a very exciting and unique match style which was a good way to put both Sandow and Ziggler over at the same time. After these two used about every instrument and brawled outside the ring, it was Dolph who knocked out Sandow with the guitar for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Ring Segment: John Cena & Alberto Del Rio

Cena is in the ring to what seems like a rather mixed reaction but for the most part pro Cena. He talks about how he thought maybe he came back too early, maybe it just wasn’t the right time. But then he looks into the crowd and sees those screaming fans and realizes that in the ring is where he belongs. We get some video packages of the recent cheap shots Del Rio took on Cena at Smackdown. As Cena is proclaiming that “THE CHAMP IS HERE”, Del Rio music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Del Rio and Cena jaw back and forth until Del Rio say’s, “a real Champion takes advantage of every opportunity”. Cena say’s he sees an opportunity and proceeds to beating the hell out of Del Rio. He then goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Del Rio escapes over the top rope and makes his way to the back.

3MB (The Rhinestone Cowboys) vs R-Truth & Xavier Woods

This is Xavier Woods’s debut on the main roster as many of you may know him as Consequences Creed from TNA. Heath Slater is ring side and the two competitors for 3MB are Jinder Mahal and Drew McCintyre. This is a pretty solid match and it seems as the focus was to quickly showcase Woods’s abilities. He looked great and ended up winning the match with his finisher called “The Honor Roll” finisher which is identical to Gail Kim’s “Eat Defeat (De-Feet)” finisher. He does this on McCintyre and picks up the pinfall.

Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust & The Uso’s vs The Shield & The Wyatt Family

This was a stacked match, I’ll let you guys watch the video and see for yourselves. All men involved got a chance to shine and the match was all out chaos. Punk ended up hitting the GTS on Ambrose for the pinfall win.

After the match, The Real Americans came out to the ring to join the The Wyatt’s and The Shield and gag up on the babyfaces. Out of nowhere REY MYSTERIO music hits and he makes the return and save. He ends up hitting a double 619 on Harper and Ambrose. Punk hits the GTS on Harper and Bryan leads everyone off in Yes chants. The babyfaces celebrate in the ring along with Mysterio to end a pretty entertaining Raw.

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