WWE Money in the Bank Match Cut Short Due to Blood


According to reports, Samoa Joe was not supposed to lose to Rey Mysterio as fast as he did at the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view event. It is being reported that the United States Championship match between Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio was cut short after Joe’s nose was broken during the match. The injury took place when Joe took a senton from Rey Mysterio.

As far as the post-match angle where Samoa Joe beat down Rey Mysterio is concerned, that was done to make up for lost time but it was also planned in advance. As many of you saw, Joe’s face (especially his eye) was cleared up when he returned from the backstage area.

Mysterio pinned Joe to win the title, though one of Joe’s shoulders was clearly up. This was referenced by the announcers, who had Vince McMahon and others in their headsets to cover it up so a follow-up angle can be shown on this week’s WWE TV shows.

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