WWE Monitoring Wrestler Twitter Accounts, Del Rio Updates, Mysterio Retired?


Bryan Alvarez reported today on his audio show with Lance Storm that WWE is monitoring twitter accounts and any slip up could cause someone to get released. Everybody feels like they are walking on egg shells. If you make any sort of mistake then you are at risk of getting cut. Alvarez said that he was told that if AJ Lee had the incident with Michelle Beadle now then she probably would have been fired because they are quick to release people due to budget cuts.

Alberto Del Rio is said to have saved his money well and he’s been unhappy with the company for about a year.
Alvarez confirmed that there’s interest in him from TNA. There’s also interest in him and Ricardo Rodriguez from AAA. In 90 days they can both go anywhere they want as a package.
Since they don’t have any lucha stars left on the roster (the original Sin Cara gone and Alvarez noted that Rey Mysterio is either about to retire or has retired) then that probably means that Kalisto will be called up soon.

Recent photo of Vince McMahon and his weight loss

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