WWE Net Worth Surpasses $1 Billion – Details


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE is now worth $1.25 billion after their company stock has doubled since the start of 2013. With Vince, Stephanie, and Linda McMahon, the McMahon family is said to be very close to billionaire status. Some contributing factors to the public view of WWE were: the impending debut of the WWE network; and their upcoming TV rights negotiations.

WWE stands to make a great deal of money when their TV deals are completed in 2014, and they will be able to negotiate new deals for each of their shows, including Monday Night RAW and Friday night SmackDown. There is talk that Spike TV would like to acquire SmackDown for their Friday night block as a lead-in to Bellator MMA. Spike TV is still the broadcast home of TNA’s iMPACT! Wrestling in the US, and even though they aren’t competing for time slots on the same night, WWE would not likely agree to a deal where they would be on the same channel in TNA.

If Spike TV put together a deal with WWE, they would not have any further need for Impact, which has been a significant ratings draw for the network for a while. These ideas are merely rumors and speculation. The report does not mention TNA’s own terms and TV rights with Spike TV.

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