WWE Network Adds Several Mid-South Wrestling Episodes


WWE issued the following details on several Mid-South Wrestling episodes to their streaming service on Monday:

Journey back to the 1980s with WWE Network’s latest on-demand offering of Mid-South Wrestling episodes from Aug. 11, 1984 – Apr. 27, 1985. During the ’80s, the Mid-South brand was flourishing amidst the sports-entertainment boom with some of the industry’s top stars and developing newcomers. Dive in now and watch WWE Hall of Famer “Cowboy” Bill Watts, Ted DiBiase, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, a young Shawn Michaels and more in action.

Aug. 11, 1984

Junkyard Dog takes to the ring to do battle with the dangerous Russian sympathizer, Krusher Khruschev.

Aug. 18, 1984

Krusher Khruschev replaces an injured Bobby Eaton to partner with Dennis Condrey against The Fantastics in a Tag Team Match main event.

Aug. 25, 1984

The Pretty Young Things battle Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express in a Tag Team Match main event.

Sept. 1, 1984

Some hairy stipulations surround a main event battle between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Krusher Khruschev.

Sept. 8, 1984

Krusher Khruschev and Ernie Ladd team up to take on Johnny Mantell and Terry Taylor in a featured bout.

Sept. 15, 1984

Hercules Hernandez partners with Dr. Death Steve Williams to take on Johnny Mantell and Steve Miller in a Tag Team Match.

Sept. 22, 1984

Terry Taylor puts the Mid-South Television Title on the line against Hercules Hernandez in the main event. Butch Reed looks for payback.

Sept. 29, 1984

Magnum T.A. partners with Sonny King to battle Hercules Hernandez and Dr. Death Steve Williams in a Tag Team Match.

Oct. 6, 1984

Terry Taylor defends the Mid-South TV Title against Adrian Street. The Fantastics battle Dr. Death Steve Williams and Hercules Hernandez.

Oct. 13, 1984

Magnum T.A. puts the coveted North American Heavyweight Championship on the line against Skandor Akbar’s Killer Khan.

Oct. 20, 1984

The Mid-South Television Title is on the line when “Exotic” Adrian Street defends the gold against “Gentleman” Chris Adams.

Oct. 27, 1984

Ted DiBiase returns to action against Johnny Mantell. Magnum T.A. defends the North American Heavyweight Title against Ernie Ladd.

Nov. 3, 1984

Magnum T.A. battles The Missing Link. “Exotic” Adrian Street defends the Mid-South Television Title against “Superstar” Bill Dundee.

Nov. 10, 1984

Skandor Akbar purchases the contract of Hercules Hernandez. Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express are in action. Butch Reed receives an offer.

Nov. 17, 1984

Ted DiBiase faces Magnum T.A. before calling out Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Bill Dundee challenges Adrian Street for the Mid-South TV Title.

Nov. 24, 1984

Hercules Hernandez and Ted DiBiase battle The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Plus, Magnum T.A., Terry Taylor, Butch Reed, and more in action.

Dec. 1, 1984

Terry Taylor and Magnum T.A. face Hercules Hernandez and Ted DiBiase. Master G challenges Ernie Ladd for the North American Title.

Dec. 8, 1984

Kamala turns the dreams of many into a nightmare when Butch Reed challenges Ernie Ladd for the North American Heavyweight Championship.

Dec. 15, 1984

Magnum T.A. looks for a little vengeance on Kamala. Brad Armstrong challenges Ernie Ladd for the North American Heavyweight Championship.

Dec. 22, 1984

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express takes on the duo of Ted DiBiase and “Sheik” Hercules Hernandez. Kamala is in action against “Iceman” King Parsons.

Jan. 6, 1985

Brad Armstrong takes on “Sheik” Hercules Hernandez. Buddy Landel challenges Terry Taylor for the Mid-South Television Title.

Jan. 12, 1985

The North American Heavyweight Championship is at stake when Brad Armstrong puts the title on the line against Dr. Death Steve Williams.

Jan. 26, 1985

Buddy Landel takes to the ring to try to reclaim the Mid-South Television Championship from Terry Taylor.

Feb. 9, 1985

Hacksaw Jim Duggan faces his nemesis, Dr. Death Steve Williams. Hector Guerrero challenges Terry Taylor for the Mid-South Television Title.

Feb. 16, 1985

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express defends the Mid-South Tag Team Titles against Chavo and Hector Guerrero. Plus, a Best Dressed Man Contest.

Feb. 23, 1985

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express takes to the ring for a Tag Team Match main event against Hector and Chavo Guerrero.

March 2, 1985

Kerry Von Erich journeys to the Mid-South territory to go one-on-one with Buddy Landel in a featured bout.

March 9, 1985

Terry Taylor’s reign as Mid-South Television Champion may be snakebit when he defends his title against Jake Roberts.

March 6, 1985

Terry Taylor puts his Mid-South Television Title on the line against Ted DiBiase’s North American Heavyweight Championship.

March 30, 1985

A snake lies in wait during a battle between Kerry Von Erich and Thor. Chris Adams and Dr. Death take on Tom Prichard and Terry Daniels.

Apr. 6, 1985

A tournament to crown a new Mid-South Television Champion begins. Kerry Von Erich partners with Terry Taylor for a Tag Team Match.

Apr. 13, 1985

The tournament to crown a new Mid-South Television Champion continues. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express battles Jake Roberts and The Barbarian.

Apr. 20, 1985

Jake Roberts battles Steve Casey in the Mid-South TV Title tournament. Plus, Dutch Mantell, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and more are in action.

Apr. 27, 1985

The Mid-South Television Title tournament continues with Hacksaw Jim Duggan going one-on-one with Tom Prichard.

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