WWE Network News: Changes To Shows, Trouble, Errors


Source: Pwinsider.com

Here are several notes about the WWE Network, including issues with the service and changes that were made to some of the shows.

* ECW’s first PPV, Barely Legal, has removed a shot from the opening with fans throwing chairs with Terry Funk, Mick Foley and The Public Enemy. Instead this was replaced with a clip of Eddy Guerrero vs Dean Malenko, who are not on the show. It features several music edits and new commentary from Joey Styles over parts of the show.

* Every ECW episode was said to be available at launch, but there are only two from 1993 and one from 1994.

* WCW and ECW PPVs are not available for Xbox users at the moment.

* Roku has been having several issues with streams stopping and a note appearing, saying that the stream is unavailable. If you wait a minute and click play again, the show will go back to where it left off. The Roku has a longer waiting time to load menu content. The live steam “looked great in HD”.

* Some people were able to sign up almost an hour or more before the official launch.

* The Vault was already accessible but the live channel only had the colored bars test pattern. At 9 AM ET the test pattern changed to an all black screen, followed by the WWE Network logo and a quick video of Vince McMahon welcoming everyone to the service. That same video is on WWE.com.

* PS3 seems to have no problems (buffering or picture quality) with the live channel.

* Reader Leon Peters said that the Vault had some issues with buffering and the picture dropping completely on the PS3.

* Great American Bash 1991 (featuring Lex Luger vs Barry Windham) didn’t appear to be included.

* Over the Edge 1999 starts with a graphic of Owen Hart that says “In memory Of Owen Hart(1965-1999) who accidentally passed away during this broadcast”. The edits are “neatly cut” and if you didn’t know he died on the show you wouldn’t know anything was missing.

* Armageddon 1999 blurs Miss Kitty’s breasts when she goes topless. The original WWF Home Video release did not have any blurring.

* All of the dates for the shows in the Vault are wrong: they are listed as one day earlier than originally aired. Wrestlemania VI is listed as March 31, 1990 when it aired on April 1. This happens with every PPV and TV show in the vault.

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