WWE Network Only Allowing One Active Stream Per Account


WWE Network recently underwent an overhaul which saw many aesthetic changes as well as format changes to the way the network works.

First off, many have noted that a lot of the features including the Hidden Gems section is no longer available. Also, there have been many issues with buffering during streams, many of which were experienced last night during SummerSlam.

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However, there is another noted change that has come to the network which may alter the way people share their network with their family and friends.

Typically, the network would allow you to have many concurrent streams playing simultaneously. This would allow you to play a pay-per-view on your TV but also take it with you on your phone in case you want to get snacks or go to the bathroom and not miss any action. However, this also meant that many people would share accounts and allow their friends and family to watch live pay-per-views at their leisure as well.

Now, the WWE Network will only allow for one playing stream at a time. This was addressed by Brian Alvarez on today’s episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio saying that they received reports from listeners about this occurrence.

Author’s Note: I myself experienced this during the WWE Championship match. I went to go to the kitchen and put on SummerSlam on my phone, only for my PlayStation stream immediately stop and tell me I had reached the “maximum number of streams.” This definitely feels like an overcorrection at the moment, but good on WWE for addressing a long-standing problem with the way their platform was structured.

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