WWE Network Update & Research, AJ Lee Note, Y2J


— WWE has been doing additional research on their planned launch of the WWE Network, inviting fans on their mailing list to take surveys regarding how they watch WWE programming, PPVs and even UFC. The survey asked fans to watch the “WWE Countdown” series that is planned for the Network so the company can get feedback on how the series is put together. The survey was based around having the network as a cable entity and also asked those taking it for feedback on how often they watch cable networks ranging from A&E to ESPN.

— ACE Pro Wrestling in New Jersey, where RAW General Manager AJ Lee broke in, has released a DVD of her early appearances for the company titled “Ms. April’s Beginnings.” You can check that out here.

— The Uproar Music Festival concluded on Sunday with its final show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy played the majority of the dates on the tour. Fozzy is off until October 26th. They will then play six North American dates before going overseas for a run of shows in the UK.

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