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Welcome to the live results watch page for WWE NXT IN YOUR HOUSE 2022 pay-per-view!

The event is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. ET with the kickoff, followed by the main show starting at 8 p.m.


Follow along here throughout the show for the results of each match as well as my personal thoughts on everything throughout the night down after the separation bar.

Keep refreshing for new updates, check out the quick results at the top of the page for the winners and chat it up with everyone in the comments as the show goes on!

Quick Hits Results:

  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo and Troy Donovan defeated Legado del Fantasma by pinfall.
  • NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Toxic Attraction (c) defeated Katana Chance and Kayden Carter by pinfall.
  • NXT North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes defeated Cameron Grimes (c) by pinfall to win the title.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Match: Mandy Rose (c) defeated Wendy Choo by pinfall.
  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Creed Brothers defeated Pretty Deadly (c) by pinfall to win the titles!
  • NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker (c) defeated Joe Gacy by pinfall.

Author’s POV, Running Commentary & Thoughts:


  • Good joke from Edris Enofe. He’s showing more personality week after week.
  • “Did they just say someone’s better at kidnapping someone?” – My wife in response to Sam Roberts. It’s great watching wrestling with people who don’t pay too much attention on the regular and can get caught off guard with how ridiculous this business is.
  • Todd Pettengill is back for the voice over on the intro package. I’m always fond of that.
  • They didn’t bother to put the house set in the Capitol Wrestling Center. That’s lame. This just looks like a regular episode of NXT, then. Considering this card, it might as well be.

Six-Man Tag Team Match

  • Can we please get an official faction name for Tony D’Angelo and his crew? Even if it’s just “The D’Angelo Family” and they don’t cook up something better. At least then, I can stop referring to them as “Tony D’Angelo, Stacks and Two Dimes.”
  • If you missed it on our recent podcast, we established head canon that Stacks is nicknamed that because he stacks dimes, and after he dropped two of them, Troy Donovan picked them up and became Two Dimes.
  • Much more whistling in this match that I had anticipated.
  • This is all over the place. Everyone’s flip-flopping like fish.
  • D’Angelo and his guys win by pinfall after some weapons get involved behind the referee’s back.

A vignette aired to spotlight Kay Lee Ray Alba Fyre. Backstage, some of the other women on the roster were watching. Lash Legend took charge to talk about how great she is.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

  • KC and KC tried to pump up the crowd with a party atmosphere for their entrance. Let’s see if that works and the audience is excited for this.
  • Not too much to talk about here for the in-ring action. It’s about as good as you’d imagine it would be. They’re giving it their all, but the size differential makes it hard to believe Chance is really knocking Dolin loopy, for instance.
  • Carter landed kind of badly on her neck with the German suplex for the finish. Hopefully, she’s okay. Toxic Attraction retains.

NXT North American Championship Match

  • As good as these two guys are, they have repetition working against them. We’ve seen them fight multiple times. Hopefully, they’ll do something to spice it up and not just feel like a rerun.
  • Nice DDT from Hayes, jumping over the top rope and planting Grimes on the ring apron outside.
  • Not a bad match so far. I just have trouble getting invested when I know Solo Sikoa is already getting a title shot after this and there is almost zero chance this belt changes hands, unless it is just a swerve for the sake of it.
  • Does Sikoa come out to offset Trick Williams, or not? Place your bets.
  • Credit where it is due, I just assumed Grimes would retain. I still think this isn’t something awesome in the long run (despite liking Hayes) as this idea of trading belts that has happened frequently in NXT this year isn’t my preferred booking strategy. Breakker dropped it and won it back. Toxic Attraction did the same with the tag titles. Now, Hayes does it. Are these title changes happening because they just want to get people talking, or do they just realize post-switch that they preferred the other champions? Curious.
  • I’m hoping this means Grimes is going to Raw or SmackDown soon. There isn’t anything left for him to do in NXT.
  • Also, this title change makes me question the tag titles going to The Creed Brothers. It can still happen, but I’m less confident about it, now.

NXT Women’s Championship Match

  • “Why did you just wink back at the camera? She wasn’t winking at you.” – I like Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett together.
  • Considering how much WWE wants NXT to be a PG version of “silly and sexy”, you would think this would be a pillow fight, right? Instead, it’s a regular match that happens to feature a pillow in the corner turnbuckle.
  • I feel bad when I’m so indifferent to something and I can tell Rose and Choo are trying hard to have their best possible match. This is far better than you’d see on most indie shows, but I remember when NXT’s women’s division had Bayley vs. Sasha Banks. It doesn’t hold a candle to that. If you’ve had filet mignon, your perception of Steak-umm won’t be super high.
  • Okay. I dig the idea that Choo uses the sleeper hold. That’s funny.
  • Rose gets the win with her high knee to the face.

Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez were both backstage to talk about how they plan to win the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament on Tuesday night.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

  • The parents of The Creed Brothers are in the front row.
  • Best match so far. Easily. As expected.
  • The Creed Brothers are definitely being hyped up to win the titles. I’m hoping that takes place. It feels like the natural progression of things.
  • After contemplating using it as a weapon, Julius hands the title belt back to the referee. He then hits a Shooting Star Press and a clothesline for the win! New champions!
  • Do they boot Roderick Strong out of Diamond Mine tonight, or wait until Tuesday? I’m thinking Tuesday.

NXT Championship Match

  • Boy. I really have nothing at all to say about this. Not only have we already seen it (and I wasn’t impressed the last time), and not only is this DQ stipulation not the best, but they aren’t even playing into it well. Breakker should be super tempted to flip his lid for the majority of the match. I’m not getting that feeling.
  • Oh come on. After all the parallels between Joe Gacy and Bray Wyatt, now they have Gacy going into the turnbuckle and flipping himself upside down for a taunt? Why not put a mask on him and give him a secondary personality called The Friend while we’re at it?
  • Good dive from Breakker through the ropes, at least.
  • Behind the referee’s back, Gacy gets a chair, tosses it to Breakker and makes it look like he just got hit. A good strategy to win by disqualification (but, of course, something we’ve seen before, done much better many other times in the past). Another referee comes out to stop the in-ring ref from ruling it a DQ. Why can’t referees do that for the other types of interference? The answer is “Shut up. That’s why.”
  • Breakker knocks Gacy out of the ring to go crashing into the commentary table. That and a bulldog from the corner still aren’t able to get the job done.
  • Breakker considers using the steel chair, but gives it to the referee. In that distraction, Gacy low-blows Breakker for a near-fall. This prompts Breakker to grab the chair back in anger, but he swings it at one of the druids instead.
  • Breakker hits a spear and a powerslam for the win.

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