WWE NXT News – Tony D’Angelo Debuts, Carmelo Hayes Turns Heel, More


During Tuesday night’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0, Carmelo Hayes turned heel after his friend Trick Williams debuted.

As seen on the show, Williams debuted as Carmelo Hayes’ friend, convincing Hayes to turn heel and attack Duke Hudson. For those unaware, Williams is Matrick Belton. He signed an official contract with WWE NXT back in February.

Williams was able to convince Hayes that now that he’s the NXT Breakout Champion, he needs to start showing him some respect. Hayes agreed and the two men exited the ring together. That’s when Duke Hudson came down for a match. Hudson noted that Hayes got lucky in the tournament and Williams then attacked him. Hayes eventually joined in and they beat Hudson down, forming an alliance.

You can check out some highlights from the match and segment below:

Also on WWE NXT 2.0, the company aired a vignette for Tony D’Angelo. For those unaware, D’Angelo is Joe Ariola. He signed a contract with WWE back in February and is a collegiate wrestler. You can check out the vignette below:

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