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NewsWWE NXT Results and Review of 8/1/13

WWE NXT Results and Review of 8/1/13

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Welcome back everyone to the weekly NXT results and review. I’m sorry for the delay. Usually they are up on Thursday mornings, but I was out covering Pittsburgh Steelers training camp so I was a bit busy.

However, we shall persist and get to the second best show in wrestling.

Last week was a great show and this week’s was amazing as well. Let’s get started with the results shall we?

You can watch the whole show at

Enzo Amore started off the evening and it was SAWFT! He and Colin Cassady came out for a match but before I get to that, Amore had the line of the night and it was only 30 seconds in. “BADA BOOM… REALEST GUYS IN THE ROOM!” Need I say more?

Brodus Clay and Tensai were the opponents of Amore and Cassady, needless to say, what a group of four wrestlers. Who would win in a dance contest?

Anyway, on to the match. Before it got under way, Amore and Cassady were going to walk out and not even start the match. However, Mason Ryan entered the arena and “helped” the match get started.

The match never actually began and Ryan hit his finisher to Amore. Then he danced with the Funkasauros and Tensai in the

ring to celebrate.

In the back after the “match”, Dusty Rhodes is seen talking with Paige and Emma about their incredible NXT Divas title match last week. Summer Rae inserted herself into the conversation, complaining to Rhodes why she isn’t the champion. Rae did say that she beat Paige before (which is true) and that Emma stole a victory from her.

Emma came right back and said her dancing sucks, which led to the announcement of a dance-battle between Emma and Summer Rae. I think the winner faces Paige? It wasn’t very concrete in the promo backstage.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair

These two divas will be a vital part in the future of the Divas division. While Flair has the history, Banks’ size reminds me of AJ Lee as she garners athletic notions and flexibility.

This match went back-and-forth literally for the first few minutes. Banks utilized moves that looked like the X-Division of TNA and Flair showed off her gymnastic background with a few suave pin attempts and roll-ups.

One submission move by Banks led to running knees in the corner to Flair. The opposite was attempted in the other side, but Flair flipped out of the way onto the apron. One clothesline applied and her front handspring face-smash to the floor got the three-count for the victory.

Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks by pinfall.

Backstage, Renee Young interviews Tyler Breeze about his debut last week and from the crowd you could hear “SAWFT” and “ZIGGLER’S BETTER”. How can you not love this NXT crowd?

Breeze kept on going on about how gorgeous he looks and a mysterious man in dreadlocks kept video-bombing the shot. Can someone get a name on the guy because I couldn’t see?

Aiden English and Mickey Keegan vs. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

For all intensive purposes, this was the last match for the Wyatt’s as they have been on the main roster for about a month now. This bout may have lasted 25 seconds as Harper immediately hit his big clothesline, followed by Rowan’s frog-splash on the mat to pin English very handedly.

The Wyatt Family defeated Mickey Keegan and Aiden English by pinfall.

After the match, Wyatt got on the mic and started to preach. The link is a top the article and you can hear his mastery on the stick. In a nutshell, he and his brothers succeeded and “made it off the couch” and changed the landscape of this world.

It was a heartfelt goodbye for the Wyatt’s, but they’ll be back, just follow the buzzards.

Backstage we saw Corey Graves lace up his boots for tonight’s show with his newly acquired NXT Tag-Team championship belt at his side. Neville came to him and said he’ll be in his corner for Graves’ match against Scott Dawson. The two discussed the Wyatt Family and running from nobody. It was an uneventful backstage promo.

Corey Graves vs. Scott Dawson

This match began very physical as Dawson controlled Graves in the corner. Everything the NXT tag champ tried to do in the early going, Dawson physically beat him down and showed off his power game. Out of nowhere (Randy Orton-style), he dropped Dawson to his knees and applied his Lucky-13 submission maneuver to make Dawson submit immediately.

Corey Graves defeated Scott Dawson via submission.


The crowd went ballistic. Rollins cut a promo on how Graves got him back up and a belt, but he isn’t exactly like Rollins and Reigns. Then, Ambrose got the mic and told Neville he didn’t earn that title. He just slid into Kassius Ohno’s spot. Ambrose called that “an injustice punishable by the law of the Shield”.

So, Ambrose challenged Neville to a match one-on-one and asked Ambrose to put the US title on the line and face him right now. Ambrose accepted, but it won’t happen till next week.

NXT announces that next week will have Summer Rae and Emma’s dance battle, along with Ambrose versus Neville and Bo Dallas will face off against Leo Kruger.

Antonio Cesaro and Leo Kruger vs. Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas (c)

This match was announced last week and it was highly anticipated. “No more Bo!” chants filled the arena before their bout began and I couldn’t help but laugh and join in.

Zayn and Kruger started things off and it showcased the wrestling ability of Zayn. A few exchanges were shared and then it was a tag-in to Dallas who was greeted with boos. Kruger then tagged Cesaro, so we had a new fresh set of wrestlers.

Dallas began with a few arm drags before Cesaro started to dominate the match and he took out Zayn in the process. While Antonio wasn’t looking, Dallas hit a huge dropkick and Zayn/Kruger were tagged back in the match.

It was now time for the heels to do some work. Cesaro entered the match again and hit a huge clothesline on Zayn for control of the match. After the break, Kruger is still working on Zayn in the ring and hit a huge suplex. “We the People” chants started again for Cesaro. He hit another huge uppercut to Zayn for a pin attempt.

After a couple more minutes, Kruger became the legal man. Both men continued to work on Zayn who is by all means, the main worker in this match. With a few minutes left in the match, Zayn finally got the hot tag to Dallas and he entered the ring with a head of steam.

Clothesline after clothesline to Kruger and Dallas looked for the DDT off the top rope and hit it. A pin attempt by Dallas but Cesaro interrupted the count. That prompted Zayn to immediately take Cesaro out of the match and onto the floor.

Those two battled all the way up the ramp.

Dallas hit a powerslam on Kruger, but he rolled out of the ring. As soon as Dallas threw Kruger back into the ring, Kruger hit the Slice for the victory.

Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro defeated Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn via pinfall.

It was a great show and proved to be more than I expected. Next week should be great and I’ll see you all then with more results and review!

Ta ta.

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