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NewsWWE NXT Results and Review of 8/15/13

WWE NXT Results and Review of 8/15/13



Welcome back everyone to the weekly, wacky and wildly wonderful NXT results. How about that for assimilation eh?

Before I forget, here is the link to the show at

This week should be excellent as usual with the Shield in action and Paige will defend her NXT Women’s title for the very first time against the first lady of NXT, Summer Rae. Not only are they attractive, but also they can wrestle with the best of them.

I’m going to do it in the same way I did last week. It will consist of a review of the match and not play-by-play. I’ve learned through my years of writing that people don’t like reading long articles anymore. People yearn for quick and prompt stories.

Fans of this site will tell you, I’m all for pleasing the fans.

Paul Heyman made his way to the ring to begin the show and said it is time to start looking for a new Paul Heyman guy. He even went out of character for a moment and said he is blown away with what he has seen. Also, Heyman claimed there is another Paul Heyman in the locker room and the next Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar.

Speaking of Axel, his music hit and granted the fans with his presence for the first time as Axel. Heyman stayed on the mic and said there is nobody in the state of Florida that could take the Intercontinental belt from him. Upon his statement, Big E Langston made his dramatic return to NXT. He was welcomed with “5!” chants.

Langston proclaimed he was man enough to take the belt from Axel. Then, Axel accepted and said the match is next!

Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental championship

This match began with Langston dominating up until the commercial break. He showed off his unbelievable strength throughout the entire bout and it went his way for most of the match. Axel got the “heel” push later on and just when you thought Langston was about to hit the Big Ending, Heyman interfered and DQ’d Axel.

Afterwards, Heyman toyed with Langston and Axel found himself back in the mix to only get hit with the Big Ending.

*Big E. Langston defeated Curtis Axel via disqualification

In between matches, a promo for John Cena and Daniel Bryan aired. It was very well done.

Renee Young backstage interviewed Sami Zayn and she questioned him on the current feud with Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter. He talked about making the feud personal. Zayn wants the next bout to be a 2-out-of-3 falls match. That should be an excellent fight. He ended it by calling Cesaro a coward.

Mason Ryan vs. Scott Dawson

We were teased this last week, as Ryan has been involved with a “feud” with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. Those two should be at ringside for this match against Dawson. He reminds me of a Lance Cade -type of wrestler, big and physical.

During the match, like I predicted, Amore and Big Cass made their way down the ramp. The distraction wasn’t good enough, because Ryan got the pin in an even faster time. After the match, Amore and Cassidy were taken care of by Ryan and thrown out of the ring.

*Mason Ryan defeated Scott Dawson via pinfall.

Another Total Divas promo aired during the break. Don’t judge me, but that show is awesome.

Now it is time for the match I’ve been waiting for since Paige won the title.

Paige vs. Summer Rae for the NXT Women’s title

I should just make all of you watch it and say absolutely nothing. However, I must keep my duties honest and responsible. The bout was great. It wasn’t nearly as good as Paige’s title victory, but still impressive nonetheless.

The match was back and forth throughout the entire thing and, of course Paige was going to win, but Summer Rae had a chance on more than once occasion. In the end, she hit the Paige-turner for the pinfall victory.

It was definitely a recommended watch for all wrestling fans.

*Paige defeated Summer Rae via pinfall.

Next, Young had AJ Lee backstage for an interview. The Divas champ skipped to the segment like usual. During the segment, Lee was talking about her next opponent and out of nowhere, Bayley came from behind and hugged the heck out of her.

Just watch the segment. It is hilarious. Oh and by the way, Bayley and Lee will wrestle for the WWE Divas title next week.

Adrian Neville, Xavier Woods and Corey Graves vs. the Shield

Dolph Ziggler is advertised for next week. During the break as well, Emma crashed the party Rae had in the ring after she lost by slamming her head into the canvas multiple times.

Anyway, on to the match. Disregarding the Shield, all three men on the opposing team were very impressive. Woods shined in a couple of spots throughout the match. Neville hit a high-flying spot that made my eyes widen. As for Graves, he is simply astonishing in the ring at all times.

Needless to say, the future is very bright in at least the mid-card division and maybe the main event scene. It was a 15-minute match and the rookies played it to perfection.

Near the end of the match, Graves finally got the hot tag to Neville and he lit like a cannon, taking out Dean Ambrose. That is, until Ambrose got the knees up for Neville’s finisher. Rollins was tagged in and went of the suplex to Neville. Neville reversed it and fell into his own corner.

Woods tagged him in and hit his flying cross-body to Rollins got the near count.

On fire, Woods hit a brutal enzugeri and then a running face slam. Rollins kicked out again at two. More moves came from Woods as he hit his version of Rolling Thunder followed by a boot to the face.

Instead of a kick-out, Reigns broke up the pin, but Neville took him out with a hurracanrana to the outside. Ambrose suplexed Graves outside the ring, but he took himself out doing the move. Finally, Woods got Rollins in the corner.

He missed the superplex, but Rollins attempted the sunset flip to a powerbomb. Reigns tagged himself in and Rollins threw Woods to the opposite corner and Reigns hit a vicious spear for the victory.

WOW! What a match it was.

*The Shield defeated Xavier Woods, Adrian Neville and Corey Graves via pinfall.

It was another excellent NXT. See you all next week friends! Let me know what you thought of the show via twitter or comment section.

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