WWE: NXT Results and Review of 8/8/13


Welcome back everyone to the NXT results and review for this week. We should have a great show for you. So, instead of rambling on about how amazing last week was, let’s just jump in to the results. At last glance, Emma vs. Summer Rae was scheduled for a dance battle and other great matches to follow.

By the way, Alex Riley will be on commentary and not Brad Maddox. A small part of me is sad.

Anyway, instead of doing a play-by-play, I’ll be just reviewing the match and summarizing it’s most important parts. This is something new and revised; so let me know your thoughts on the new format. I can always change back.

Of course, the link is at www.watchwrestling.net

Adrian Neville vs. Dean Ambrose for the United States championship

This bout was incredible for the 10-minute match it was. Neville started out with momentum and as any match goes, the heel took over and it was Ambrose displaying his technical prowess over the NXT rookie.

In the match, not a lot of rest holds were used, which shows the greatness of each competitor. After Ambrose lost a two-count, the New Castle-native took control and landed a beautiful flying moonsault over the ropes and onto the ramp.

He got Ambrose in for the Red Arrow and, like perfection, connected with it, but to no avail. Overall, I will give this match a 4/5. It could’ve been longer, but due to time constraints, it still delivered.

* Adrian Neville beat Dean Ambrose via DQ with the US Title on the line. The DQ came when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns interfered. Corey Graves and Xavier Woods made the save.

Backstage, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are seen talking to Scott Dawson and Sylvester Lefort. Amore and Big Cass are bragging about their match with Mason Ryan a few weeks back, because Dawson has one with Ryan soon.

Ryan is S.A.W.F.T. SAWFT! Amore said he would miss his sister’s wedding to see that match. You bet your bottom dollar.

Summer Rae vs. Emma in a dance battle to be named #1 contender for the NXT Women’s title

I’m not quite sure how to analyze or even to PBP of this dance battle. Summer Rae was out in her normal ballroom dress and Emma donned a t-shirt and her ring gear. However, the fans popped big time for Emma.

They went back and forth, but it was pretty terrible to be honest. Emma did the chicken dance for the crowd and they loved it. “Yes” chants for Emma broke out and “No” for Summer Rae.

As you can tell, this one is very obvious. Emma pulled out the advanced shopping cart move. That was awful. However, it got much better when Rae yelled at the camera and said to play her real music.

WWE immediately put on Fandango’s music and the crowd went nuts and “Fandangoed”.

Following Rae’s performance, Emma countered with her own music and dance. Needless to say, that won the dance battle.

* Summer Rae and Emma participated in a dance contest to determine a new #1 contender for the NXT Women’s Title. Fans chose the winner and Emma won. Summer attacked her after the decision.

A backstage vignette of Leo Kruger played. It was amazing. Go watch it now. Kruger is a Phenom on the mic.

Tyler Breeze vs. Danny Burch

Breeze takes way too many selfies. Can someone convince me that he will be a future champion?

I’m not sure if that match lasted more than a minute. However, Breeze hit three moves. The most impressive of all, that spinning heel kick.

* Tyler Breeze defeated Danny Burch.

Renee Young interviewed Bo Dallas backstage before the match and he was still his usual, creepy self. He bragged about his pin over Cesaro a few weeks ago. Dallas loves Zayn and pins the loss on him last week, but still feels he has a lot to learn.

He then went on to sing, “Don’t Stop Bo-lieving.” As soon as that happened, I tuned out.

Mason Ryan vs. Scott Dawson w/ Sylvester Lefort is announced next week and the Shield will face Xavier Woods, Corey Graves and Adrian Neville.

Also, after Summer Rae attacked Emma, it was stated that she wasn’t cleared to compete anymore. Rae then challenged Paige for her belt next week and she accepted.

Bo Dallas vs. Leo Kruger for the NXT championship

The crowd was behind Kruger for the entirety of the match. There was one point in the match where Kruger went for a superplex. Dallas reversed it and hit a flying clothesline. The crowd chanted without skipping a beat, “You still suck!”

NXT fans are the best.

This match was very good. I’ve seen better, as have most of you, but the entertainment never stopped. Kruger was much more impressive than Dallas, and no that isn’t bias.

His moves were much more clean and clear. You could tell where Kruger was going and the chemistry he seemed to have with Dallas was impeccable.

After Kruger had the GC3 locked in, Dallas reached the ropes and the reversed a high-fly tactic by Kruger and then applied a submission move of his own.

Kruger then tapped after a few seconds.

* Bo Dallas beat Leo Kruger with the NXT Title on the line.

Well it was a fantastic show with a great match to start and finish the show. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me, all of your opinions are much appreciated. BTW, Riley wasn’t too bad on commentary. Maddox was missed.

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