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Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT is live out of the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to the eWrestlingNews coverage of NXT results for this week!

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  • Cody Rhodes opened the show to announce that after the women’s NXT Breakout Tournament, there will also be a men’s tournament. On top of that, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will be returning (but he didn’t indicate when for either of those). Also, he is the special guest general manager of tonight. Ilja Dragunov came out and they were both interrupted by Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio to set up Dom vs. Dragunov for the NXT Championship later. To make sure Judgment Day doesn’t get involved, LA Knight will be the special guest referee.
  • Asuka defeated Roxanne Perez by pinfall. Kiana James went after Roxanne after the match, but Shotzi (who was on commentary) fought James off. Shotzi and Scarlett will host night 1 of Halloween Havoc this year.
  • Pub Rules Match: Tyler Bate and The Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland) defeated Gallus by pinfall.
  • Tegan Nox interrupted Lyra Valkyria’s interview to tell her to wait for her title match and effectively give Nox another shot at Becky Lynch first. Valkyria told her that Nox failed to get the job done and now, it’s her turn.
  • John Cena cut a promo in the ring about how “we are all NXT” and how talented the roster is. Bron Breakker interrupted to say people came to see him, not Cena. Cena retorted that Breakker is athletically gifted, but lacks respect and has a bad attitude. He respectfully wishes Bron good luck and puts out his hand for a shake, but Breakker punches Cena instead. Cena dodges a spear and picks Breakker up for an Attitude Adjustment, but Breakker escapes and runs off.
  • Tony D’Angelo and Stacks pitched a tag team battle royal to Cody Rhodes for a No. 1 contender shot for Halloween Havoc. Cody is down and wants to call it the Badabing Badaboom Battle Royal.
  • Baron Corbin’s interview about how he thinks people like Ilja Dragunov are doing things wrong around NXT was cut short with LA Knight’s entrance music.
  • Ilja Dragunov retained the NXT Championship over Dominik Mysterio by pinfall. Judgment Day tried to interfere, but special guest referee LA Knight (and Trick Williams) helped counterbalance them. Baron Corbin’s music played after the match and Dijak suddenly blindsided Dragunov with a big boot. Dijak then said to Corbin that Dragunov is his.
  • In the locker room, Carmelo Hayes was talking to Cena. Trick came over and there was some questionable tension. Hayes said he’s going to beat Breakker, then get back his NXT Championship…..oh, and get back Trick’s North American title, too. Trick asked Cena “When did you know when it was your time?” Cena said “Let’s talk” and they walked off.
  • NXT Anonymous has footage of Paul Heyman talking to Ava Raine.
  • Shawn Michaels welcomed Jade Cargill to NXT.
  • In the commissary area, Baron Corbin approached Cody Rhodes asking for a title match at Halloween Havoc. Cody suggested instead that next week, there will be a Triple Threat match between Dijak, Corbin and the winner of Breakker vs Hayes.
  • Backstage, Nathan Frazer, Axiom, Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, Dante Chen and Tatum Paxley were standing around. Frazer gave Dominik Mysterio a Hard Hitting Home Truth that he shouldn’t treat people like garbage. Dom asked “Who is this guy?” and Ripley said he’s no North American champion, so he’s a nobody and they walked off.
  • Women’s NXT Breakout Tournament Round 1 Match: Lola Vice defeated Dani Palmer by pinfall.
  • Jacy Jayne apparently convinced Thea Hail to return to Chase University, but Hail only wants to if Jayne can sit in the class, too. Andre Chase allowed it. Jayne and Hail were talking during the lesson and it spread to everyone else to use their phones and such. Mr. Chase threw someone’s phone into the wall. Jayne then told Mr. Chase the news that Chase and Duke Hudson will be in the tag team battle royal next week and asked for a round of applause for the future No. 1 contenders.
  • Backstage, Paul Heyman approached Bron Breakker while he was getting psyched up. Heyman said Breakker has even more to offer than his father and uncle, and he has WrestleMania main event potential. The only thing standing in his way is Carmelo Hayes. Breakker said he doesn’t care who it is, as anyone who stands in his way, he’s going to break. “Call Roman Reigns.” ends the segment.
  • Another Brian Pillman Jr. watching television vignette aired. He says that everyone has such fond memories of his father, but he doesn’t. His father died when he was just four. He’s gone to college and whatnot, but he can’t get away from the business, because it’s in his blood. But he doesn’t want people to think of Brian Pillman when they see his face. He wants to call himself King, after the true father that raised him. (Note: Lexis King will be his ring name. That trademark was just filed recently.)
  • Backstage, Kiana James thanked Asuka for “leaving just enough of Roxanne for her to finish.” Asuka looked confused. Blair Davenport then came over, said something to Asuka in Japanese and had a moment with her. Kelani Jordan said hello, intimidated. Fallon Henley was about to talk to Asuka but Tiffany Stratton cut in line and asked Asuka to let her know if she needs anything at all. Henley asked Stratton if her daddy taught her any manners. Stratton said no, but he did teach her to treat people like Fallon differently. Toodles!
  • Next week, Lyra Valkyria vs Tegan Nox is also official.
  • Carmelo Hayes (with John Cena) defeated Bron Breakker (with Paul Heyman) by pinfall. Solo Sikoa tried to interfere, but Cena brawled with him to the back. After the match, Breakker speared Melo, got a microphone and said “Win or lose, there’s only one badass in all of WWE.” Then, the lights went out, Undertaker’s gong went off and the American Badass came out on a bike. Breakker said “You listen to me, old timer. There’s only one badass around here. You understand me?” The crowd chanted “You f*cked up”. Taker grabbed the mic from Breakker to say “I’ve been watching you for a long time. And one day, you’re gonna be a very special talent. It’s just one thing…it ain’t today.” He dropped the mic, then punched Breakker in the face, gave him a chokeslam and gave him some advice. There’s always a bigger badass waiting around the corner, and he just met the biggest badass of them all. Taker helped Hayes up and posed with him in the ring to end the show.

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