WWE NXT Results for October 3, 2023


    Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT is presented from the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. Today’s results are brought to you by Kyle Dunning.

    Follow along here for results of all the matches and noteworthy moments and keep refreshing for updates. Be sure to chat it up in the comments below and tell us your thoughts while watching this episode! The announced matches are as follows:

    • Butch and Tyler Bate vs Gallus
    • NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament begins
    • Gigi Dolin vs Blair Davenport
    • NXT North American Championship Match: Trick Williams (c) vs Dominik Mysterio

    NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch opens the show. She still isn’t cleared to wrestle after she and Tiffany beat the piss out of each other. When she won this title, she wanted to represent to the best of her ability. She wants to defend it everywhere she goes. The next big thing is night one of Halloween Havoc. She is wondering… and then, she is interrupted by Lyra Valkyria.

    Back in 2014, when Becky Lynch debuted, that was the first NXT episode Lyra saw, and she began training on that day. Does Becky know what she has done for Irish wrestling? She saw an ad in a stadium with Becky’s face on it, and the audience erupted. Because of that, she has gone the extra mile to follow in Becky Lynch’s footsteps. All these years later, her career has come full circle. As good as standing side by side felt, she is wondering how it would feel to stand face to face. Becky Lynch knows she is ready for that.

    Wait? Indi Hartwell is back? She reminds everyone that she never lost the NXT Women’s Championship. If Becky wants to go between Monday and Tuesday, so can she. And now, she is back for something she never lost. Roxanne Perez shows up to share how much she respects Becky Lynch, but wants a shot as well. Becky suggests they stop talking and start fighting in a triple threat, and the winner will face her at Halloween Havoc.

    #1. Butch and Tyler Bate vs. Gallus – Winner: Butch & Bate

    Ridge Holland showed up to even the odds. The Englishmen got the upper hand and held the ring, while the Scotsmen of Gallus didn’t know what hit ’em.

    Ilja Dragunov enters the ring in a suit with the NXT Championship. The fans chant “You Deserve It!”. No matter what you call him, you can now call him the new NXT Champion. He can barely stand, but he is standing in pain, and he promises to fulfill his destiny. He will push this title to a new level. It will be a symbol of incomparable passion. He will defend it with his life. Long live the Czar.

    Trick Williams shows up to congratulate him on the win. He’s here because someone else won a title at No Mercy. He is the new NXT North American Champion. With all that said, thank you. At Heatwave, Dragunov showed him something. He pushed him to a new level, and now Trick Williams has gold. He’s only going up for here. Dragunov is proud of him. He could even say that he is “Whoop that Trick”. Carmelo Hayes arrives to say he is proud of Trick, too. He has been telling him how good he is before anyone, but defending it is something else.

    Trick and Ilja wonders what he meant by that. Dragunov says this was a conversation between champions. Hayes stresses to Williams that he needs to focus on Dom. Speaking of which, the former champion is here. He says winning the title and keeping it isn’t easy when he is gunning for it. Trick says Mami said he gonna’ whoop that ass tonight. Carmelo says Judgment Day will be here tonight, so he will be in his corner. Dom asks if Trick is still in Melo’s shadow. Trick says he got this title by himself, and he will defend it by himself.

    #2. [#1 Contender] Indi Hartwell vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Roxanne Perez – Winner: Lyra Valkyria

    Valkyria won after Kiana James got involved. While Becky & Lyra celebrated, Tegan Nox appeared for a moment to remind the champion she hasn’t forgotten about their title match.

    Bron Breakker tells Carmelo Hayes that he knows better than anyone about the rage building inside after the fans began chanting for Ilja Dragunov. And where was Trick Williams after he lost? He should use that frustration and anger.

    Baron Corbin reminds Ilja Dragunov he is one of only two guys who has beat him in the past year. Shine that title up really nice, because he has a target on his back.

    #3. Gigi Dolin vs. Blair Davenport – Winner: Gigi Dolin

    Kiana James explains that she attacked Roxanne Perez to stop her from getting yet another title opportunity. And if she wants a match with her, then she will have to beat her handpicked opponent next week. Kiana wonders if Roxanne will be ready for Asuka.

    #4. [NXT Breakout Tournament] Kelani Jordan vs. Izzi Dame – Winner: Kelani Jordan

    Thea Hail surprises Andre Chase and Duke Hudson by saying they can come with her to ringside tonight, after weeks of tension between them.

    #5. Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez vs. Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne (w/ Duke Hudson & Andre Chase) – Winners: Hail & Jayne

    Carmelo Hayes says he got some advice from John Cena, and he will keep getting back up. Next week, John Cena will be in Carmelo’s corner when he takes on Bron Breakker.

    And another announcement! Cody Rhodes will be at NXT next week to talk about something. Midway through the main event, Damian Priest & Finn Balor showed up.

    #6. [North American Championship] Trick Williams (c) vs. Dominik Mysterio (w/ Rhea Ripley) – Winner: Dominik Mysterio becomes the new champion!*

    *The whole Judgment Day and JD McDonagh provided massive interference to take the title away from Trick Williams, who had nobody backing him up.

    Paul Heyman is on hand to talk about Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker. Roman Reigns has given him permission to be in Bron Breakker’s corner next week, and give him all the advice he could want.

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