WWE NXT TakeOver: New York Results: WALTER vs. Pete Dunne


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE NXT TakeOver: New York event:

WWE NXT UK Title Match: Pete Dunne © vs. WALTER

They lock up and exchange some grappling moves. WALTER started to toss him around and then slammed him on the apron. Back in the ring, WALTER locked in a boston crab but Dunne got out of it by reaching the bottom rope. Dunne caught a chop from WALTER but WALTER fired back with a big boot. Dunne went off on him with a series of strikes. Dunne with a kick in the corner then flipped out a german suplex.

Dunne with a head kick. Dunne with an outside dive to take out the big man. Dunne with a powerbomb out of the corner for 2. WALTER with a series of german suplex then a powerbomb for 2. They traded a few strikes before WALTER took out the knee of Dunne. WALTER with a series of chops but Dunne fired back with strikes. WALTER with a test of strengh then kicked him in the throat but Dunne connected with a head kick.

Dunne went to the top rope but WALTER knocked him down. WALTER with a german suplex off the top rope for 2. Dunne with a german suplex for 2. Dunne with a series of kicks to the face of WALTER  then locked in his finger submission but WALTER got to the bottom rope. Dunne locked in an arm triangle choke but WALTER got out and stomped his head in. Dunne went for a powerslam but WALTER hit a big clothesline and Dunne fired back with one of his own then Dunne landed the Bitter End for a near fall. They trade chops as this brutal match continues. WALTER with a massive big boot Dunne broke the fingers of WALTER as he knocked him down from the top rope. Dunne with a triangle choke on the top rope but WALTER fought out and hit a powerbomb. WALTER went to the top rope with the splash for the win.

Winner: WALTER – NEW Champion

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