WWE NXT TakeOver: Phoenix Results – Shayna Baszler vs. Bianca BelAir


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE NXT TakeOver: Phoenix event in Phoenix, Arizona at the Talking Stick Resort Arena on the WWE Network:

BelAir was doing some major trash talk and tossed around the champion then sent her into the ring apron. Shayna sent her shoulder first into the ring post then mounted her and landed a series of strikes.

The champion targeted the left shoulder of BelAir and continued that attack. BelAir tried to make a comeback by hitting a series of moves but was cut off by Baszler who hit a knee strike to the face of the challenger. BelAir whipped her hair against the ribs of the champion.

Baszler sent BelAir into the referee then pulled her by her hair. BelAir hit her finisher but there’s no referee. Baszler was cut on her gut by that hair whip. BelAir fended off Jessica Duke and Shafir but this allowed Baszler to lock in the rear-naked choke but BelAir powered her way out of it with a suplex. BelAir missed a dive off the top rope and Baszler with the RNC for the win.

Winner: NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler

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