WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames III Results: #1 Contender’s Match


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames III event:

Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match: Killian Dain vs. Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest (winner faces NXT Champion Adam Cole at Survivor Series)

They all started brawling to start the match. Pete worked over the fingers of Dain before Priest took out Pete. Dain with a crossbody to Priest before hitting a suplex to Pete on Priest. Dain did another suplex spot on the floor before focusing on Pete. Pete went for an arm triangle on Priest, who powered out with a powerbomb. This led to a battle of the big men.

The three men traded a series of strikes. Priest took them out with a dive off the otp rope before hitting a sitout suplex to Dune and then a side slam for 2. Priest slammed Dunne on the announce table before Dain sent Priest through the barricade. Priest hit the razor’s edge to Dain for a near fall. Priest connected with an outside dive to Dain on the floor. Pete took them out with an outside dive. Pete reversed a chokeslam and locked in the armbar but Dain broke it up.

Dain with a suplex to Priest for 2. Pete hit the bitter ending to Dain but Priest broke up the pinfall. Priest with a head kick to Dain and Pete before hitting the reckoning to Pete then Dain broke it up. Dain drop kicked Priest to the floor then went to the top rope and they all fought until Pete snapped the fingers of Priest, who fell to the apron. Pete with a suplex to Dain and the bitter end to Priest for 2 as Dain broke it up. Dain with a back splash to Priest and Pete pinned Priest for the win. 

Winner: Pete Dunne

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