WWE NXT TakeOver: XXV Results – Velveteen Dream vs. Tyler Breeze


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE NXT TakeOver: XXV event:

WWE NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream vs. Tyler Breeze

They mimic each other early on. Breeze sent him to the floor and went for a dive but Dream landed a right hand. Dream with a slam and a spring board moonsault for a near fall. Breeze knocked him down and wrapped the left leg around the ring post.

Breeze with a boston crab and then a swinging neck breaker. They brawled to the floor. Dream smashed his head on the announce table a few times. Back in the ring, Dream went to the top rope but had to get down. Breeze with an enziguri kick.

Dream with a takedown then picked him up and went for a DDT but Breeze blocked it and super kicked him for 2. Breeze caught him with a drop kick but Dream followed up with a DDT for 2. They trade tombstone spots. Breeze fell down and Dream with the Unprettier for 2. Breeze with a super kick then the Unprettier for a near fall.

Breeze with the beauty shot but Dream rolled to the floor. Dream hit the purple rain maker for the win.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream


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