WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Results – Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff event at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales:

WWE NXT UK Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match: Zack Gibson & James Drake © vs. Gallus vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

Drake and Andrews went at but there was a series of quick tags. Gallus hit a double team move on Drake for a near fall. Drake was sent to the floor by Webster. Gibson was taken out and Andrews teased taking out Gallus but Webster hit an outside dive to him. Webster with a spring board moonsault to Gibson. Drake got the blind tag and hit a drop kick to Webster. Drake and Gibson hit a slingshot back breaker move to Webster. Coffey was in and missed a clothesline to Webster. This allowed Gibson back in the ring where he landed a series of uppercuts as the beatdown continues. Andrews got the hot tag and there were a few high spots. Webster and Andrews hit stereo attack on Drake in the corner. 

Webster and Andrews with a knee strike reverse hurricanrana on Wolfgang for 2. Andrews hit a shooting star press off the top rope to take everyone out. Back in the ring, Webster hit a front senton on Gibson for 2. Gibson with a brainbuster and Drake with a 450 splash off the top rope to Andrews for 2. Webster with a double headbutt to Drake and Gibson. Wolfgang tossed him to the floor to take everyone out. Webster hit a Canadian destroyer to him then Drake and Gibson hit a combo clothesline through the ropes. There was a near fall with Webster pinning Drake but Gibson pulled the referee out. Gibson with a codebreaker to Webster. Drake took out Wolfgang. This allowed Andrews to hit fall of pieces off the top rope on Gibson for the win. 

Winners: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

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