​WWE On USA Today’s Most Unusual Companies List


USA Today has provided a list
(in a partnership with 24/7 Wall St) of the most unusual public companies. WWE
ranked #3.

The website wrote the following about the company: “Vince
McMahon has built World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: WWE) into global
wrestling empire over the years. The company recently launched the WWE Network.
The network, which had 667,000 as of April, seems well on its way to reaching
its stated goal of 1 million subscribers by the end of this year. Despite some
concerns about a shift to online viewing and away from live events and
pay-per-view, WWE has managed to steadily grow its revenues. Sales were $508
million in 2013, versus $478 million in 2010. The WWE Network is expected to
grow revenues to $581 million in 2014 and to nearly $800 million in 2015. In
addition to the network, WWE also hosts Wrestlemania — the professional
wrestling’s equivalent of the Super Bowl. Its investors currently receive a 2.8%
dividend yield.”

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