WWE Opposing Trademarks Filed by The Revolt (The Revival)


According to Pwinsider, WWE is opposing several trademarks that former WWE Superstars The Revival recently filed. Scott Dawson is now going by the name “Cash Wheeler” while Dash Wilder is going by the name “Dax Harwood”. While they were still under contract with WWE, they filed for the following trademarks:

* “#FTRKO”

As of today, WWE requested a 90-day extension to oppose the above trademarks. WWE will now have until August 26th to file an opposition for the trademarks or file for another extension. Basically, WWE isn’t going to allow them to use their new trademarks for at least 90 days, possibly beyond. It’s petty but it’s what they’ve been known to do in the past when people don’t leave on the best terms.

As previously reported, the letters “FTR” made an appearance on this week’s episode of Being The Elite, when The Young Bucks saw “FTR” written in the sky.

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