WWE Planning For More Crossover Between RAW And NXT 2.0


WWE is planning on having more crossovers between Monday Night RAW and NXT 2.0, with a red brand Superstar expected to be appearing on Tuesday nights every single week.

NXT 2.0 has struggled since the September 2021 revamp and so far, main-roster talent including Mandy Rose, AJ Styles, and Dolph Ziggler have appeared on the show.

Rose and Ziggler have even won championship gold, capturing the NXT Women’s Championship and NXT Championship respectively.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez noted plans for even more crossovers, saying:

“Yep, we’ll see how that does. I mean, that’s the big thing. The strategy to build the developmental brand is to have a star from Raw on the show every week and to plug that on Monday to build to Tuesday. They didn’t shoot any angle on the show, but they did plug, you know, Miz being there with Dolph Ziggler.”

Tonight’s show will feature Ziggler in his first appearance since becoming NXT Champion and a special edition of Miz TV.

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