WWE Planning To Run A Rare Monday Night House Show In December, John Laurinaitis/WWE


Partial Source: The Wrestling
Observer Newsletter

— WWE will run a rare live
event on Monday night on December 29 in Richmond, Virginia. RAW will take place
at the same time in Washington, D.C. WWE is doing this because the weekend after
Christmas is one of the best weekends to draw, especially with children getting
tickets as Christmas presents, etc.

— As previously reported, former Executive Vice President of Talent
Relations, John Laurinaitis was on the WWE tour of Japan. According to sources,
Laurinaitis was the one that ran the tour. Laurinaitis is one of the agents with
the most experience working in Japan, along with Dean Malenko, but Malenko was
not on the tour. Paul Heyman helped Laurinaitis with some of the booking on the

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