WWE Plugs App For Jerry Lawler Updates – Seriously


UPDATE x 3: While Jerry Lawler was not in attendance at RAW to do his usual commentary (he was backstage at the show), Michael Cole and JBL did say that his condition was not as serious as it is being reported on the internet despite the fact that we’ve said numerous times he’s doing “fine” and was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure only. They then plugged the WWE App for updates on his condition. Seriously.

UPDATE x 2: As noted earlier this evening here on the website, Jerry Lawler was hospitalized earlier today after he became ill backstage at RAW in Baltimore, Maryland. Lawler was complaining of chest pains and was vomiting backstage.

Lawler’s son Brian Christopher, who is backstage at RAW today for a “Too Cool” reunion, apparently became concerned and alerted WWE officials that something was wrong. WWE officials immediately approached Lawler and encouraged him to visit a hospital to get checked out. Lawler kept telling WWE officials that he was “fine” and was trying to hide it.

Lawler eventually took that advice and went to a local hospital in Baltimore. Doctors performed some blood work and gave him the “all clear.” He passed all medical testing that he was given. As noted earlier, he did NOT suffer a heart attack and went to the hospital as a precautionary measure only.

As you would imagine, numerous WWE talents were described as being “depressed” when word got around the locker-room that Jerry was having issues.

UPDATE: As noted earlier, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler was sent to the hospital today by WWE after he began throwing up and showing other signs of illness. According to sources, The King had blood work done at the hospital and is now doing “fine.”

Lawler is in Baltimore, Md. today for tonight’s “Old School RAW” on the USA Network. No word yet if The King will still appear on the show.

More details as we get it.

ORIGINAL: WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler has been hospitalized.

Lawler was experiencing chest pains and vomiting this afternoon. It quickly became clear he needed urgent medical attention.

Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on September 10th, 2012 during a live episode of WWE RAW from the Bell Centre in Montreal.He underwent an angioplasty the following day to improve blood flow to his heart and returned to the ring just 8 months later.

We’ll have an update on this story as soon as it becomes available.

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