​WWE Polls Their Fans On A Comedy Roast, Backstage RAW Visitors?, & More


As seen on Monday night’s WWE RAW broadcast, Bo Dallas was backstage at RAW and appeared on the show. As you know by now, Dallas was arrested last weekend for public intoxication at the Dallas Fort Worth airport and was taken off the road for WWE’s tour of Mexico.

Paul Heyman was also not backstage at RAW last night.

WWE.com has posted a new poll, asking their fans which Superstar they would most like to see get a Comedy Central-style roast. Here are the results as of this writing:

Mr. McMahon: 24%
John Cena: 13%
Brock Lesnar: 12%
Eva Marie: 10%
Roman Reigns: 9%
Stephanie McMahon: 8%
The Miz: 8%
Paul Heyman: 7%
Chris Jericho: 6%
Triple H: 4%

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