WWE Posts Lots Of Post-Extreme Rules Interviews – Details


WWE has posted several backstage interviews with those involved at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view last night.

* The Miz said he’s tired of being on the PPV pre-show and will either win the WWE or World title by the end of the year. You can watch that here.

* WWE’s ringside doctor Michael Sampson talked about the injuries. He said Big Show was “dreary” after taking the punt from Randy Orton, John Cena was “doing okay” after being evaluated in the trainer’s room and Triple H will be “monitored” after his loss to Brock Lesnar. You can watch that here.

* Randy Orton said his foot was hurting after kicking Big Show in the head. He called the match “magical” and said his five-year-old daughter was in the front row in his hometown of St. Louis. You can see that interview here.

* Daniel Bryan was upset about losing the tag titles and said he’s not the weak link. Kane consoled his partner and then praised the Shield, before hinting at a rematch. You can watch that here.

* Sheamus said he’s going back to being a fighter after Mark Henry woke him up during their feud. You can see that at this link.

* Kofi Kingston said he would get back the US title after Dean Ambrose beat him for it. He said that he was preparing to fight all three members of the Shield and was caught off-guard when it was just Ambrose. You can watch his reaction here.

* Finally, Chris Jericho talked about beating Fandango and told him to do something “great, not good,” with his WrestleMania victory over Jericho. You can watch it here.

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