WWE Producer Pat Buck Welcomes A Baby Boy, News On Titus O’Neil & Mustafa Ali


WWE producer Pat Buck took to Twitter today, announcing the birth of his son. He said,

“Weighing in at 9 lbs, from Ardsley, NY….Friends and family please welcome Harrison Andrew Buckridge! #HanBuck #BabyHank #YoungestBuck”

The official WWE Community Twitter account tweeted the following, showing Titus O’Neil delivering a message for National Teacher Day:

Today.com has a story up looking at WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali and his dieting and training regiment. He said,

“No, we don’t fast for 30 days straight, I assure you. We’ll get water at some point. ‘Oh, Ramadan, is that when you guys don’t eat for 30 days?’ No! No, ‘cause I would die (laughs). No. That’s my big takeaway, ladies and gentlemen: We have water and we have food before sunrise and after sunset. We’re good. We’re great. We’re happy.”

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