WWE Provides A John Cena Update + The Big Show Note


— WWE star The Big Show will be this season’s WWE guest on the USA Network show Psych.

— WWE.com posted this article discussing John Cena’s recovery from his elbow surgery and the web-like tape on Cena’s elbow on RAW. The article reveals that the tape was kinesiotape, a “a groundbreaking recovery method to help athletes recuperate from major injuries” developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase.

Cena’s physical therapist Chris Arrigo explained the tape as follows: “It basically does 2 or 3 main things. It helps reduce pain … eliminate swelling under the skin and helps support the muscles and joints for improved, pain-free movement. The tape lifts the skin to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid, which helps reduce associated swelling.”

As for Hell in a Cell, Arrigo said, “The jury’s still out on whether or not his elbow will be ready health-wise, but that’s the marker everybody is shooting for. Certainly if he continues to improve steadily, day over day, then I would expect that to be a reality.”

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