WWE Pulls WrestleMania 24 From WWE Network – Full Details


In an interesting move by WWE, the company has pulled WrestleMania 24 from the WWE Network. The possible reason for this is due to the match between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and The Big Show. This is due to a copyright issue with Mayweather coming out to “I Get Money” by rapper 50 Cent. Several years ago, this gave WWE a huge headache when it came to DVD/Blu-Ray releases for the event, as one of the producers for 50 Cent attempted to sue WWE in 2010. However, the case was closed as neither side made money from using the song for the event.

WWE officials were asked about WrestleMania 24 being removed and only said they are aware of the issue (obviously) and are working on putting the show back on the network as soon as possible.


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