WWE Q4 Earnings Call Recap – Vince, Stephanie & Others Comment On WWE/Peacock Deal


* Salen again pointed out that there will be no upcharge WWE special events like PPVs on Peacock, and they are still doing the accounting to make sure it is properly reviewed. Khan added that FOX noted that the FOX Sports 1 Royal Rumble special brought in over one million viewers.

* Asked how NBC will value their deal with WWE, Khan said that it came down to three things: Rating, R and Revenue in terms of partner satisfaction.

* Khan was asked how NBCSN’s shutdown may affect things like NXT scheduling and if they’ve considered moving NXT to Peacock. Khan said that they believe NBCSN’s shutdown will have no impact on them and this is just a case of media streamlining.

* Asked how the Peacock deal might influence future TV deals and if they’d license Raw and Smackdown to digital platforms. Khan said they would look to their current partners first in all situations, but said they’re open to anything. He pointed out how Amazon has tested live sports in the UK and elsewhere and they’ll see how that shakes out, but he thinks they have their finger on the pulse of what networks want.

* They expect a significant year-over-year expense increase due to higher production costs for Raw and Smackdown, with TV production expense currently up 25% per episodes as well as the return of furloughed employees. And the biggest X factor is the return of live events, which a lot is still not known about and is anyone’s guess in the live events world.
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* The last caller asked about the profitability of the Saudi events and the OBIDA impact of them. Salen said that looking at the Q4 report will give a good baseline about what the absence of a big event like that does, which was a major impact that they’re seeing very starkly in the results. Asked if multiple such events in a year have the same stacking profitably increase, she noted that there are so many factors that it would be a highly theoretical conversation.

* They closed out the call at that point.

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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