WWE RAW Commentator Jimmy Smith Comes To The Defense Of Corey Graves


WWE RAW commentator Jimmy Smith has come to the defense of Corey Graves following some fan criticism over his recent comments regarding Sasha Banks & Naomi walking out several weeks ago.

During the latest episode of his “Unlocking The Cage” podcast, Jimmy Smith commented on Graves’ recent comments about Sasha Banks and Naomi “disappointing the WWE Universe.”

Smith said,

“Michael Cole and Corey Graves aren’t making this stuff up. People are getting mad at them like they’re freestyling stuff, they’re not. They’re broadcasters, if Vince [McMahon] had said, ‘Here, read this,’ I would’ve done exactly what Michael Cole did. Vince could’ve said, ‘Hey, Jimmy, I want you to read that,’ and I would’ve went, ‘Ah, okay! Sasha Banks and Naomi let us all down.’ I would’ve read the same thing.

“It’s this weird thing where like, in my sense, on Monday Night Raw, Corey Graves is getting all this sh*t. Corey Graves didn’t make up that statement, he’s a broadcaster and he was told to read it and he read it. So, I understand maybe the ire of the fans but the misdirection of that ire is weird. People getting upset at me or Corey Graves, you’re just getting mad at the wrong people. I don’t get that. Graves was told to say what he said and he said it.”

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